[Merc] Disney Movie stars Projector Cards

Oh I just can't wait to... complete!

Last night as I was checking out specials on Woolworths' catelogue, to my surprise, I saw the new collaboration with Disney (At last! Our prays have been answered!) for the Projector cards!

Commencing from 17th February to 29th March 2016! The usual Get 1 pack (1 Projector Card and 1 Sticker!) for every $20 you spend (Plus bonuses if you buy certain products)! Up to 42 Projector Cards and 42 Stickers to collect from various titles such as Mickey, Snow White, Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Lion King and Frozen!
The album is smaller than the previous ones... I think there's potential to do a series of albums since... there's only 6 in this one!

List of all of Disney's movies!

Each projector cards have four frames from a scene out of the movie, and once you have the full set of 6 (per movie), you could see the story in full! I assume that's why those titles are chosen out of the hand full of movies! I wanted Big Hero 6 too, but it probably will take more than 24 frames!!!

I bought quite abit of items that gives bonus packs!

The collector's album is $5 and the projector is $8 (While Stock Last)! The album consist of a redemption code to down a free digital story book and various fun activities in it.

Not to mentioned a poster of the Disney castle too!

The mini projector is pretty awesome (Although that huge Woolworths Trademark on the side of the projector kind of puts me off...), and to my surprised the projection is fairly clear! My phone didn't do much justice in the dark...

I know again, most parents are probably singing to themselves "Let it go~ Let it go~ Don't want to collect anymore~"! lol Unsure how this one goes (Will I be able to complete all like the past few collections?), but I will still collect them...!


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