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My play history on PMD: Gates to Infinity Demo

My first memory of the Pokemon Dungeon series was the Explorers of Time/Darkness. Although just tested it on the spot on a friend's DS in the middle of their game, I didn't really have a good grasp of what the game had to offer.

Following a recent conversation with Akimi on their latest Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon game (720 Pokemon! Super indeed!), I went and played the Demo of the previous title Gates to Infinity. Although being warned it's not as great compared to the older titles released on DS, I did have my own thoughts on it for a giggle.

You wake up from a dream where a voice seeks out to you for help and a Munna being chased by Hydreigon. When you woke up you have become a Pokemon and was sent to the Pokemon World where you could understand the Pokemon language! A fellow Pokemon who is your partner for the game, seek your help to get through to the other side of the Ragged Mountain dungeon.

At the crossroad to a barren wasteland, your partner bought a land from Quagsire in which he spoke of his dream of building a paradise and he asked if you want to join him. Without a place to go and you're here to help the voice who called out to you, you decided to assist your partner on the side...

Never realised that I looked like a Pokemon! lol

Player control the main Pokemon and a partner pokemon, both Chosen from either Pikachu, Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy or Axew.


Explore the Dungeon whilst defeating the wild Pokemon to save money for buying items for the Paradise!


My partner was Snivy and I was surprised that Snivy was a boy! Also at how kind he was! (He even proposed asked you to help built the Paradise! hahahaha I assumed my chosen Pikachu is a girl anyway!) Seeing him spreeing his life saving to buy the land in the middle of no where since "everywhere else was just too expensive" echos alot of the contemporary issues in real life.


Reality hits, you need a house on the piece of land!

I get a feeling that all the Pokemon here that lives in a house are either all previously human, or they just live very human like! Next they'll realised is that they need clothing! XD

The graphics improved! From the 2D to more 3D, not to mentioned the Pokemon looks alot bigger now! Quite a lot of story in the beginning prior to actual gameplay where player could move around freely. (Am I losing patience with cute games nowadays?!) Having played Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon (Chocobo Dungeon) on Playstation previously (And Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo's Dungeon on Wii), I felt this is a less movement friendly Dungeon game. Also the lack of map... sometimes I confused myself where I was heading, since they do recycle maps. orz Then again, I'm comparing from Chocobo Dungeon...
I do like the fact that you have an extra partner which makes the whole dungeon feels less scary. It was also interesting to see type of occupation they offer to each Pokemon e.g. Timbur as carpenter apprentice.

The demo features 1 dungeon play and then cuts off as you head to the dungeon for the second time. Although they include the AR scan for quick dungeon gameplay, so there are some replay value for the demo. However, the demo version could only be launch 10 times.

This morning I had the pleasure to see the opening questions and answers quiz for personality and recommended Pokemon in Super Mystery Dungeon thanks to Akimi (Apparently they do it for all games, so Demo actually removed the fun of it haha)! It was interesting to see which element I am if I was a Pokemon! Thankfully you could always choose the starting Pokemon from the range of Gen 1 - 6 with Pikachu and Riolu! It's cute, but I am bias with Square Enix. With Bravely Second due to be released soon, I'll probably sit out on the new game...

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