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Anime this Spring

It's been a while since I'm slightly hyped for new anime! This is mostly for myself as a reminder... haha I'm actually following a few at the moment but they're classified as the Winter season such as the two otome game titles Norn9 Norn+Nonet (I know since this one is more Otome game related, it won't be as popular as the other ones, but I personally like this one alot mostly because of the illust) and Prince of Stride Alternative (This is like the new Free! haha That said, it will be popular! ), Sekkou Boys (I mean come on! It's weird, unique and funny! NB: Mira is definitely anime version of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!), Ketsuekigata kun season 4 (Just because I'm curious of what different blood types will do in certain situations) and Osomatsu San (Only half follow this one originally because of the 1st parody episode...).

Short post will be short!
Gyakuten Saiban 2nd April 2016
WOOT! Long waited Gyakuten Saiban (aka Phoenix Wright) anime! Only found out today that one of my favourite seiyuu Kaji Yuki will be Phoenix! Definitely overjoy (Being a huge fan of Phoenix)! I was actually surprised since Kaji's voice is regarded as more Shounen... so was surprised to see he got landed the role. He's probably more suited for Polly's (Apollo) age for his voice, but not that I want that to happen! One of the must watch anime of the season for me!

On a side note, going back to Gyakuten Saiban 6... I can't believe they put Polly back as a double main character! I wish they would make Miles Edgeworth as the second main character already! That way we could probably try two different style of gameplay... regardless, if it just means that who you'll use as a main character, then Polly shall never see the light of the day. *extremely Pheonix bias*

Kanojo To Kanojo no Neko Everything Flows 4th March 2016
Nostalgic! I still remember when I first came across Shinkai Makoto's first work Hoshi no Koe DVD, which came along with She and Her Cat short work which I took alot of liking into that I made a little fan site for it (Although it's no longer available since then Geocities have closed down haha). Not to mention this time it mentioned alot of this "Boku" (Boy version of saying me)... I hope there's romance involve!

Hakuouki Otogi 5th April 2016
Chibified Hakuouki characters! At least something that's different! I hope to see cute moments between Kazama and Chizuru (Unlikely but one could hope!) like Kazama proposing to Chizuru! XD That said, if this one goes well they'll probably do SSL chibi anime too!? :D

Tanaka kun wa itsumo Kedaruge April 2016
Oh wow! Wasn't expecting this but they made it! XD one of those slice of life ones without particularly interesting design but with extremely interesting personalities. XD Although saying that I personally prefer Kao ni Dasenai Yoshizawa Kun instead... :P

Bungo Stray Dogs 2nd April 2016
Never read the comics, but the story looks like the thinking type (It have that Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace vibe to it, although it's not detective or short stories) and music was catchy! Will give it a shot!

Uchuu Patrol Luluko 1st April 2016
Cute little anime that features the romance in galaxy/alien theme! haha The characters are to my taste so will give it a go! :D


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