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My play history of Project X Zone 2 Demo

I did play the first game Project x Zone (for abit - Demo)... , however it didn't really quite create the urge for me to play it (Those pixels haha). With this second game it was different...! Although the selling point of this game was the introduction of Nintendo characters Chrom and Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, but as soon as I saw Phoenix Wright I knew I had to play it! *Bias* Mind you, although this is the demo version, I was glad he made an entrance that early in the game!

Read on for Phoenix Wright side focused post! lol

Shinra, an agency that handles paranormal cases sent Reiji and Xiaomu on a mission to seal off the unstable dimensional rift at Roppongi. They first defeated the strange monsters sent from Ouma, then headed to Shibuya to meet with Christ and Jill from Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. There at the supposed to be vacated and closed city Shibuya, were the civilians Phoenix Wright and Maya who was there to meet their current client Heihachi, and a past client Majima. Upon hiding away from monsters, the group jumped into the magical manhole which transport them to the demon world where they battle against evil spirits, monsters, yokais and those that causes harm to human and investigate the mysterious gold chains in order to restore the normal and peaceful world...

Characters (A-Z by series) *Bias*
Ace Attorney - Phoenix Wright & Maya Fey
Darkstalkers- Demitri & Morrigan
Namco × Capcom - Reiji & Xiaomu
Resident Evil - Chris & Jill
Tekken - Jin Kazama & Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima
Yakuza - Goro Majima & Kazuma Kiryu

Turn based strategy role playing game with characters crossover in the universe between Capcom, Sega, and Bandai Namco Entertainment popular series! Characters move in pairs (with Solo unit character as supporting character) across the field to battle with the enemy.


During the battle, player have limited of time to trigger attacks with simple addition of the arrows (Like many versus games). I got so confused when the time actually does runs out since most of the characters are quite strong, it was as if the round ends when you killed off the enemy. @.@

The demo features chapter 1 - 3 of the game only. There are replay value for this game, although bonuses only comes with clearing the game for particular number of times (Maximum of 30 plays for the demo but note, ensure you play the full version before your 30th time, otherwise items won't transfer!). At least complete 3 rounds of the demo for the rare items!

Number of Clearing and rewards
1 Lessor New World
2 Urashima Special Anniversary Badge
3 Urashima Special Wooden Sword
4 1000 Gold
5 1000 Gold
6 1000 Gold
7 1000 Gold
8 30CP
9 30CP
10 30CP

The introduction was... quite lengthy. The down side of it was mostly due to the lack of character being shown during the text. I was abit surprised though that it was Japanese voiced and not English dubbed! Side tracking abit, having heard Phoenix Wright's original seiyuu's voice again, I think Kaji could actually pull him off in the Anime to come in April 2016 (Their voice actually sounds similar)!

The whole crossing between different worlds somewhat reminds me of XXXHolic, except across different companies' titles. XD Personally I think the star of the story is actually Phoenix and Maya! I mean, all the characters who can actually fight was trying to protect Phoenix who is abit useless in fights! The useless side of him in the story reminds me of Phoenix when he was still a Rookie Lawyer (The good old times!)! I must say I was glad to see the characters' personality is still strong in the cross over games!

Sewer > Monster!

Although in the end, everyone ended up in the sewer too.

As much as I did enjoy seeing Phoenix and Maya (Haven't seen her for a while now! She's probably lost in this world haha), I also enjoyed seeing Q-Bee and BB Hood from Darkstalkers made appearance, although as enemies (Well there needs to be enemies)! It was rather interesting to See Morrigan passing power to Maya, which I thought wouldn't it become black magic? XD I also read online that there will be cameo appearance of Pearly, Steel Samurai and Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney too! Although they're not mains (including Phoenix and Maya) but I do miss seeing them in the more recent Ace Attorney games...

Maya's prayer made me lol'd.

I will probably get this game mostly for the inclusion of the titles that I have interests in, but mostly later since I just got Bravely Second! Meanwhile, I'll replay some more for the sake of the voices and items when I do get the full copy! XD

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