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My play history on Undertale Demo

So... after my street pass buddy Rick (Just a local 3DS owner around my neighbourhood) left me the first and the very last message since the last I was able to street pass him (I had a feeling he have moved overseas ), I've finally decided to check out the game "Undertale" that he wrote personally to me!

It's been a while since I last touched a PC game. Although this is just the demo version... it took me a fair 45 minutes to complete. Was slightly glad that there were no music for the demo, otherwise I might be too scared to play anymore (Like I did with Ib!). I like these type of games... where they put the little kid in these scary settings... and just bash (This one also allows you to give mercy) the hell out of the monsters (Although I'm screaming inside lol).

Read on for a short post on my thoughts on the demo!

The demo gives you a run through of what you could expect in the full game with the main characters appearance. The only thing it didn't sure was the twist in the end which everyone who have ever played Undertale mentioned not to read spoilers prior to the game.

Player is introduced to the underground world by the Evil Flowery where he basically test your trust... lol and I believed in him (It's the smiley face I tell you)! Then forward I thought Toriel, who rescued you from Flowery looks suss (And there's no trust in the game for me anymore!)... haha Thought she was one of those -psycho- overprotective mum that lost their child and so she wants to trap you in the underworld forever... but thankfully not.

The gameplay is similar to RPG style where you control the character and move around the place solving little puzzles and the classic turn based battle style.I was surprised to see Space invader style whilst it's undertaking the action comment, except you don't get to shoot but avoid all the attacked from the enemy (Wiki reference it to a game called Bullet Hell).

I read some reviews on the demo that there are alternative endings where you spare or kill Toriel. But to be honest, it was a lot easier to spare Toriel than to kill her... Since I didn't bothered to try to battle too much since I was low on HP recovery items too. Suppose one could level up and use all the hard earn gold to buy items from the spiders.

Regardless, one could replay the Demo a few times just to see what Flowery have to say...

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