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My play history of Gyakuten Saiban 6 Demo

Upon seeing the Special promotional video for Gyakuten Saiban 6 as an short animation (just to boost the promotion of the animation to come in early April ), I reaslised there's the web demo! The video was a good starting point for the game itself, however it was noted that it will not be included in the animation itself nor the game Gyakuten Saiban 6 (Felt like such a waste though ).

Feeling nostalgic to be able to play the web demo again, since they didn't do the web demo for Gyakuten Saiban 5 (Went on iPad later) and Daigyakuten Saiban (Exclusive to eShop for Japan 3DS). Not to mention their demo is getting shorter and shorter... You get to point out approximately two things in the cross examination and the like...

Phoenix always deserve a separate post on my blog for everything they do...!
Web version always allows me to post better screen shots.

* First case against Payne, it just never gets old. This seems like the best Payne out of all games... that shiny gold colour ... I'm surprised he's not bald in for that outfit (That hat is those of the Monk from Journey to the West no? ). Also, he didn't have an orb around his necktie in his design at Kurain village. lol Suppose he's not spiritual enough...?
* The Judge in this game seems to be the most strict one of all from his appearance (I think it's the eye brow!). One thing I notice was the orb doesn't move despite his body (Although very minor) moved.
* Reifa's colour scheme reminds me of Mikumo (Kay) from Miles Edgeworth (That's how much I miss them...).
* My heart skipped abit when I saw this sentence. lol I obviously skipped the name within the sentence...! XD Nice seeing Phoenix now a reputable attorney (contrast his newbie days)!
* Nice little touch to the penalty bar which changed them all to orbs/spirit like. Someone give me that icon/emoji now!
* Tongari Head!lol
* New gameplay - Himemiko's Takusen - where you could cross examine the finding from the victim's 5 senses in their last few seconds before death. These skills are pretty handy if they really were to exist! The trend of these cross examination seems to have gotten more and more pointing out faults within the moving video replay (I still remember the hardest was the moving blue badger that Gumshoe made, starring at the Police quarter ).

Twitter Campaign
* Support tweets between 25/02/16-16/03/16 have been closed, special wallpapers for mobile have been released. Maya's version due to be released on 24/03/16. On a side note, I don't think I'm adjusting to this new mature Maya as yet. @.@
* Demo review tweets between 06/03/16-17/04/16 will have a chance to win a Original Stainless Steel Bottle featuring PW6 Character in pixels! Up to 60 people with 10 every week!

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