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My play History of Stella Glow Demo

Kurako mentioned that this is one of her anticipated title over the other Strategy Role playing games that were also recently released, so I took the chance to try the demo that was released on the eShop. Generally speaking I favour RPG regardless of the gameplay, so it's probably just my excuse to play it. :P

The story follows Alto who suffered from amnesia from 3 years ago where he was taken into Lisette's home at Mithra Village. One day, charmed by her singing, Alto met a black witch Hilda who warned him to leave the village. The next morning after Lisette's birthday, they find everyone in the village was turned into crystal after Hilda's song. In the attempt to confront Hilda who is the Witch of Destruction, Lisette was transformed after Alto "tuned" her heart. Hilda immediately order her subordinate Dante to kill Lisette, but they were saved by the Regnant Knights Klaus, who fight on behalf of the land's Queen. But now Lisette will be arrested since she have now turned into a witch...?


Probably the recent trend of grid based SRPG that I have been playing... I actually thought Stella Glow was ok (Not in a bad way) compare to the others. There is no replay value for the demo, it's mostly for people to have a go at what the gameplay and snippet of the prologue. That said, the flow of the story was linear and there was no time to explore the town at all in the demo.


I must say the thing that I liked the most was the character illustrations, but lacks abit of uniqueness. I actually find all sub character apart from Alto and Lisette more interesting...! haha Dante is somewhat cute (That twisted smile, but as well as his loyalty to Hilda!) and Klaus somewhat reminded me of Fire Emblem characters... haha Regardless, I would still play the game, but it won't be on my list of priority at this stage...

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