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Zelda Musou Hyrule All Stars

I never got around to the original title Hyrule Warriors on WiiU since I didn't have the WiiU tablet. To be honest I think the Japanese title explains the game alot battle than the English title. Mostly because I have played Dynasty Warriors (Sangoku Musou) previously, where they have the ultimate attack called Musou, which is performed by two characters together!

That said, this is a button bashing game...

Demo only includes the Legend Modem but does give you enough idea of what is available in the full version from the menu. I only wish they give abit of story outline of why they're being under attacked, although I'm sure will be explained in the full version of the game, but even if it was just text would have been helpful. I like the fact that I get to use Zelda for a change (Instead of using Link all the time)... lol Well there was Impa too, but I more excited for the battle version of Zelda...!

I'm not too used to Link without his hat... haha

Musou is typically a two player game for me. I normally play with Hehalana together and we just go bash those generals (or bosses) to complete the stage ASAP (Without the need to kill over 1,000 innocent warriors/underlings lives). haha Although the screen is split and you don't get to see the scenery as much (You don't have time to do that anyway when you're getting ambushed lol), it allows items to be collected alot quicker and shorter finish time! That said, I'm not a bad fan of Musou being on a console game where one have to put in full effort in the collection of items *Is the type to aim to collect EVERYTHING*. For me, it takes two to Musou! Nevertheless, player have the ability to swap between characters hence you don't have to run around the big map!

Bomber-Link! The item obtained within the stage could be used between characters!

If you're used to playing by yourself, this is a mindless little games which is great for collection whilst featuring the favourite characters from the Legend of Zelda series...

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