[Manga] Defense Devil (Akuma Bengoshi Kukabara)

Found a Manga! Defense Devil!

The manga is written by Yang Kyung-il and illustrated by Youn In-Wan. For those who have read Shin Angyo Onshi would know these two people. Find out more about the story on wiki...
My thoughts after reading the Defense Devil (Chapter 01 - 09)

* I love the main character's seriousness + sillyness.

* I love his quotes! <3

* My goodness, all the devils are so smexy. *drool* Their average is like your key characters looks.

* Ahhhh I love that little one romance (?) scene in Apple tree. I hope the girl will return. :3

* Although the case trend is pretty much determined - force client to sign, akuma appear, client signs, akuma got client, ready to kill client, evidence found, turn into powerful akuma (judge like character), then client saved, return to normal self -I still love the story.

I prefer this manga over their last work since:

* I fell in love at first sight of the cover and the title.

* The story is a mixture of Pheonix Wright (Yes I admit I love Phoenix Wright hence the bias of this post on this manga lol) x Akuma (devil) x Death Note style.

* The characters are drawn much younger compare to that of their previous work (Shin Angyo Onshi) and the story so far is not as dark and emo... yet (I think).

* People don't die! (Shin Angyo Onshi kills like... billions of people orz)

My thoughts after reading the Akuma Bengoshi Kukabara (Chapter 00):

* Main character is not as unique yet, like your typically hot blooded brat?

* Not enough evidence seeking by the main character (he was saved by the little boy? O.o)

* Bichura is not as chibi.

Though the chapter 00 wasn't as good as its chapter 01, I'm glad they created chapter 00. Otherwise, I don't think I would be able to enjoy such a great comic! I hope the story will have a good ending... hopefully romance related too. =3=

In summary: Defense Devil is LOVE! XD

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