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Rubbish Gijinka Boyfriends!

It's been a while since I've last played Liica Corporation's game WanKoi (See my post here)! Ok... maybe not so true, since I did play their additive yet simple designed game called Q! I didn't have a post for it due to the lack of characters/mascot for the game, though saying that the originality comes from the whole game itself, so I could recommend playing it as well! I mean, it did get a Xbox and 3DS release in Japan as well!

Back to the post...
The GomiKare rotates each time you open! Looks more like TareKare for this one! XD (Reference to TarePanda!)

The game features over 32 different chibi DaMens (Dame Men, I know I should put the s after Men since it's a plural after all, but it's the way it was shown!) that are gijinka of tissues, glass, empty cans, broken mirrors, hairpin etc with regrettably bad personalities and are left scattered all around your home! All you have to do now is to collect and recycle them by to tapping (Sliding works too!) on them to sent them to the Gomi (Rubbish) House!

The more you collect, they will change from DaMens to Ikemen from recycling! And will unlock a special episode (short story)! Reminds you of Himo Otoko much? In fact, there is a Himo character too! That said, Fever mode features 30 seconds of fast pace refilled of GomiKare, and the rare mode occurs when you move house, which features 5 different GomiKares! There can be a maximum of 5 GomiKare will appear at a particular time, however, you could increase the Gomikare number to maximum of 25 GomiKares (Paid component of course!).

The Lucky Rubbish Bag will prompt you to watch an short ad, upon watching the full ad, you will received 30 seconds of Fever Mode!

The characters are voiced (with approx two sentences which could be revisited in the profile), however, there isn't a full listing of the seiyuus behind the characters. My assumption is that they're newbie seiyuus too.

On top of that, there's the calendar function which you could set the reminder date for flammable or non flammable (Recyclable) rubbish!

* Maximum of 5 GomiKare will appear at a particular time, so when you're in Fever/Rare mode, make sure you keep clearing them!
* When receiving the new GomiKare, you get notified the details but you won't miss your Fever/Rare mode bonus! Only reading the detail will stop the bonus, luckily you're asked again if you're sure to get out of the mode.
* The game comes with 60 seconds of Fever/Rare mode items, make sure you use it wisely!
* Leave the GomiKare to be replenished, you might be lucky to find the Lucky Rubbish Bag and get 30 seconds of Fever Mode before the 1 hour replish time limit!

Although I compared it to HimoOtoko, but the speed for this game is a lot faster! Just look at all the Fever/Rare mode they give you! XD Although the Rare mode isn't that effective when the appearance pace is the same per normal... I just wish they could combined the Fever mode speed for the Rare mode - suppose they do make you play their game longer that way!

I particularly like the character design of the empty can, with the pulling part as earrings! The Ikemen transformation worked more like, simplification... where they removed all the bad habits and their unique characteristics! I honestly think they could increase the game's difficulties by making into two Gomi House - being flammable and non flammable. But it's probably too much work. Meanwhile, we should all enjoy the the cute little foul mouthed chibis evolving into ikemen and the free voices that the game provides...

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