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My play history of P4DAN!

Personally not a huge fan of P4 as I'm more P3 bias... but I do like Naoto, Kuma and Nanako from it alot so I guess I did make an exception for it. Many thanks to Akimi for lending me the game and her Vita console - as much as I did enjoy playing on my VitaTV on the huge screen, the touch functions on the vita console itself was relatively interesting! It actually reminds me of Tablets!

That said... why don't they release the game on Tablets!? *Coming from someone who bought Project Diva and was not able to play it due to the "Scratch" function*
If only the colour of the Power Rangers are the same as the game cover...

To help Rise returned to the world of entertainment, her friends become backup dancers and they practiced for the live performance at the Love Meets Bonds (aka LMB) Festival. However, it was later decided that Rise will be singing alongside her junior idol Kanami's idol group Kanamin Kitchen who have suddenly disappeared. Naoto recall a rumor that if you watch a video of a deceased idol playing on the LMB website at midnight, you will be transported to the other side where you will never wake up again.

Yu, Naoto and Rise viewed the website that night at the studio and they were pulled by some yellow ribbons into the Midnight Stage where Shadows are being bound and controlled by the very same yellow ribbons. At Midnight stage where no harm are to be done, Persona could be summoned, however the only way to get rid of them is to bond with the Shadows was via dancing...

* Buy handicap items to be used Free mode to earn extra percentage on scores and points! I managed to get it double the money at the moment, would love to do the fade in and fade out to be honest, would be increased like 2/3!
* After buying the very last item Spiral Brooch from the items list, Margaret would decide to join for the Free mode dance! The Velvet Room uniform for the other would be unlocked.

I knew Margaret was dying to show of her skills... just look at the room she was in! XD Now I can't unsee next time I see her in Velvet room...

* Download the free DLC! They have the Power Ranger set!
* Unlock the medal for the speed 1 and 7! It's recommended to use speed 7 for easy mode on the easiest song.
* Perfect medal could be obtained... by just watching the perfect autoplay. XD

Probably not so much dancing all night, but more like midnight concerts for Shadows! XD I actually enjoy the story mode alot! It was very Persona style - felt as if it was part of a big case within the anime itself due to the long cut scenes and the English subtitles!!! Mind you the dialogues were all fully voiced too (Except for inner thoughts)! Apart from no default button to auto play the dialogues (Took me a while to realised the config is there in the menu)... I wouldn't fault the story much apart from the typical end.

The introduction to the new characters from the idol group Kanamin Kitchen and their manager... to be honest I didn't think they were very Soejima's design like... but I did grow to like them as the story moved forward.

The chapter selection was interesting, as it acts like a chronological timeline for the all the events that was happening at various locations! They are, as usual very precise in terms of timing and dates.

I think the difficulty in this game isn't as bad as Project Diva. Mostly because the tapping bar is situated at 6 stationary location on the side of the screen. Although it wasn't as difficult, I still have to learn the new locations where they're located. It would have been alot easier if it was a tablet game. Though the fully voiced dialogue would probably takes up too much space!

Although I could see which are the correct answers with their emotion after selecting an answer, I did hope to see any love meter increase... lol

I was slightly taken by surprised that Nanako's Junes commercial song was in Japanese... guess they couldn't put anymore effort into translating anymore lyrics eh... haha Even the dialogues in between the gameplay was in Japanese! The other surprise was that, even after completion of the Story Mode, you still need to unlock each song! Hence it did take me at least an hour to unlock all Naoto's costumes, as the Black Cat costume requires you to unlock 20 songs even if you have enough money!

Thankful to the decent length story and the add on such as the Amiibo like shelf collections, the minimal number of songs could be forgiven. =w= Although I did enjoy the DLC having the Power Ranger outfits for all the mains - slightly sad to see none for Nanako, Kanamin and Margaret - but suppose they ran out of the main characters! I mean Teddy took the white special ranger colour, Yukiko ended up getting Purple since red it taken up by Yu, and then Yosuke somehow got the Typically Female ranger colours! haha

I did hope for Atlus to release the Megami Tensei collection of music rhythm game... But I could imagine for Persona 3, Yukari dancing like Yukiko, Fuuka dancing like Naoto, Junpei dancing like Yuusuke, Akihiko/Shinjiro dancing like Kanji, Mitsuru dancing like Margaret, Ken dancing like Nanako and Aegis/Metis doing robot dance... but imagine Yuki dancing... his hands would be in his pockets all the time...

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