[iPhone] Kareshi ni Furaresugi!

My Boyfriends dumps me too much!

Brought to you by Inline Planning! I have played some of their other houchi games in the past due to the great quality of the illustrations they have (Although they were all nurturing your own Otokonoko. It's actually pretty cute seeing them turning into cute girls or even more girly than girls!).

But YES, finally, something that's more otome game like! XD
Typical of them not to have a cover page. The prologue says you have made a new boyfriend (Like literally, that's it)!



Up to 5 CGs per character!!! Although there isn't any character profile but you could tell what kind of occupation or role they play within the relationship.

Increase the love meter with Kareshi by tapping onto them. Maximum of 10 Kareshi on the screen at any one time and they're replenished every 10 seconds. You could also progress (or get dumped, it's all a gamble) by using the Love Chance (Maximum of 3 replenished one per minute). Once dumped you get more hearts to increase your lady power (Value of the hearts is dependent on when you get dumped! So I like to refer it as Level of heart break!) and the new Kareshi is randomly selected!

The running chibi actually reminds me of an old MAD Smooooch!

* Tweet to replenish 10 Kareshi!
* The Love Chances of being dump do increase... so ensure you use the Love Chances wisely!
* Screen cap the event CG with the quote as you could only revisit the CG but not what they say!
* Press through Love Chances quickly enough to have a successful results regardless of percentage! That's what happened to me for some odd reasons. =w= NOTE: Don't do it when you get to Love level 4-5 - they're the hardest levels to endure through. lol
* Some boyfriends are harder to get than the others. Keep doing Love challenge to get dumped / swap boyfriend quicker.

From what I gathered, challenge after a certain time after... and preferably after clearing some of the kareshi too. orz Never challenge when it's more than 20%. Where you see 70% close the app and start again. lol Since there is no close button! That said, Good things comes to those who wait! Patience is the key! (I didn't have much since I started gambling after unlocking the third CG of each character!) To be honest the replenish timeframe isn't too bad compared to most houchi games. The only downside is the small boost that you get to get the 4th and 5th CGs. That said I've unlocked 3 CGs per characters so far.

I love the little details to show who are your current and past boyfriends. haha Abit disappointed that upon successful challenge, the same image is used despite the activities are different (whereas the failure gets a special picture haha). Also the number of times you get dumped... proves it takes lots of experience to be a great woman that shouldn't be dumped! XD

=========== 09/05/2016 EDIT ===========
After 50+ dumps, the chances of being dumped reduces to mostly 1%!

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