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For a limited time only in April 2016, one could play the full version of Gochisou! For Girls by Creative Freaks Inc at the reduced price! There is the Free Lite version to try prior to the purchase too, which for me is sufficient to make a post. lol The company always make buddy apps for people who needs support in exercising, jogging, studying and now even cooking..!

As usual the name without For Girls features a cooking with a girl, so I'll be focusing on the one For Girls where it replaces the girls with guys! All sentences are fully voiced except for your character (Mind you, one could always read out loud whilst playing haha )!
The name actually reminds me of the otome game Isshoni Gohan Apartment Dinner Show (See my post here)! XD Why is cooking always referred to a show, although saying that, this one actually makes more sense than the Apartment Dinner Show. lol

Heroine was put in charge of Cafe Campus whilst her mum goes on a two weeks trip. Cafe Campus was popular for her mum's cooking, however unlike her mother, she was terrible at cooking (and house chores in general) that she could only serve frozen food to customers thus the rating and regular customers gradually decreased. On top of it, her dad had a car accident so her mum was unable to return to the cafe after the two weeks!

Fortunately, a fellow classmate from university and part timer Tachibana Kanata was able to guide her through cooking dishes by cooking whilst following the recipe book! Will they gain customers confidence back upon the meals cooks specially for them?!

Left to right!

Mochizuki Reo (CV: Takagi Yuhei)
Tachibana Kanata (CV: Asakura Ayumu)
Seikanji Ayato (CV: Yoshizaki Ryota)

Although the drawing style is abit cute looking, the characters are all in they're all university students!

It's pretty much a visial novel gameplay! XD One doesn't have to really cook to finish the game! Even the cooking part you could just skip (By pressing that right arrow) entirely!

I'm surprised this is the first dish! And here I thought that Furikake on rice would be the most simple beginner dish! XD

There are 9 chapters in total (I think the version for guys have 24...), although only up to 3 free chapters with the introduction to all the characters. Complete with 35 recipes with up to 5 free recipes and 43 mini lessons, all themed around Japanese / Western / Chinese (Taiwanese) cuisines. Pending additional recipes depending on how successful this release is.

* "Cook"/Read through the two new recipes (That doesn't have their own separate chapters to them)that are unlocked upon completion of the first chapter. Go back to the story and use the points earned to unlock chapter 2 and 3.
* Don't press "Delicious" as your answer for listening to more voiced sentences!
* Press on the How to make option or the light bulb for listening to more voiced sentences!

Decent amount of story plus it's fully voiced! I'm relatively disappointed with how easy the recipes are though - especially cooking rice... Although saying that, the company decided to make it beginner level recipes based on researches on cooking from recipes websites, magazines and cooking classes. Personally I enjoy reading / listening to the story and not so much of the cooking part. It doesn't come with the auto read function (Perhaps because it was Lite?), however, it does comes with skip story to cooking function (I don't recommend doing it as you want to find out who the new characters are)!

I thought it would be nice to allow you to make you compulsory to take a picture of your cooked dishes (or anything random really haha) since when you choose to share on SNS it prompts you to upload the your photo album instead of the pretty premade dish image. lol It's interesting to go through the recipes over and over as different outcome would have different voiced sentences for how to improve and for advises. Compared to another cooking app Toyosuisan Maruchan Nama Ramen Voice Recipe (See my post here), it have more instructions (Check list, ingredients, calories and cooking time), more detailed pictures and more voices! Though saying that the seiyuus used in this one are relatively new. The one for Toyo was more web browser based, so I enjoy this more because they're all done within the app itself. Plus the characters are all placed in the cafe!

Although having only access to 3 chapters, they made it so each chapter pretty much have blushing moment for each featuring character for the chapter (Our Heroine is skilled! ). They should really just make the last chapter as a competition to win Heroine's heart, I honestly think she would accept anyone who can cook, whether it being fancy or not. lol

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