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Release (Memory) Boyfriend

Brought to you by SugarDrop, who as Otome games Seiyuu fans would know that is known for various situation voiced app such as Situation Boyfriend! That said I was relatively surprised that they released a separate app for this and make you work hard for the voices. lol

The title they choose is pretty interesting in terms of the English name as Memory Boyfriend and the Japanese title Release Boyfriend. That said, I think it makes more sense to included the memory wording in the title.
I must say I appreciate it having a proper cover for the app. lol You don't get them often for tapping for voices apps.


Tasuku (CV: Furukawa Makoto)

Mostly known for Saitama from One Punch Man (To me anyway lol)! I must say he does sound like Saitama in most cases... except abit more cheeky. Don't think he's overly suited for Otome game voices... :P

Simply tap to run the analysis and say thanks to get extra points! Once you hit a certain level of points you to get stamped and unlock voices!

You could revisit the album to listen to the voiced sentence with the English translation (Although they're not entirely spot on but will do for most)!

It does have more than that to another battery care app Gijin Battery (See my post here), mostly the fully voiced sentences and there are some interesting statistics that you could see but that's about it. I actually wanted abit more CGs...

I wish there was more way to accelerate the voices. It's a simple app, but I must say it's abit boring. At least give me some character profile such as likes and dislikes etc as with their Situation Boyfriend app, otherwise it's just his voices! OH wait, that's probably why (And they make you work for this voice too). orz

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