[iPhone] Chiccha Danshi

I believe I can Fly~

Brought to you by Otome Dou and cutely Illustrated by Enomaru Saku! To be honest, the main character is probably a direct spin off of her original character which is also red haired...! But never mind the minor details!

You picked up a mysterious egg on the street in which a small chibi size boy is born. He have interesting in various things and is extremely good at copying what he have just learn. His future depends on what you choose!


Tap on the notebook scattered around the character to increase love meter. By maximising the love meter, the boy will evolve per what he have read and learnt. In the end, he will turn out in to a Ikemen!

Upon completion of the game 3 times (Reading the 3 multiple endings), you will see the hidden episode!

* Feed Cake to receive 30 experience! Replenishes 1 cake every hour, with maximum of 3.
* Ensure you work your maths with the cakes! As left over balance doesn't carry towards the next level.
* Feed cake when the Experience Gauge is golden to receive 1.5 times the experience points!
* Use the one free item for 30 seconds of Bonus Time!
* Share on SNS to get into 30 seconds of Bonus Time!
* You can't re-watch ending even after completion. So screen cap all you could!
* Second round commencement gives you 1.5 extra experience points.

Cute enough to get me going (But takes longer than most houchi games since it's an hour a cake instead of an hour 3 cakes). Though I did wonder, if the character was working as those occupations whilst in Chibi form or...?! Wouldn't it makes alot of mess if he was to have performed them all as Chibi!? That or he's a perfect devil like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. lol

Regardless, the fact that he did grew up to be normal side in the event CGs is promised!

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