[iPhone] Plant Danshi

Vegetarian PlaDan!

Brought to you by Revolab Inc! I only came across it by chance having finding some time to find more games again. haha Must say I love playing (and doing a write up for these to keep my blog alive ) these brainless Houchi games, since it's so simple, even a 4 year old could play! It's a fact, I actually did give a 4 year old to play my Houchi games! The only problem was that they get bored with waiting for the replenishment...

Tap to open the curtain to allow sunlight or Spray to give water. At specific times the plants will changed into Plant Boys! As the game will continues even after the app is in the background, so make sure you come back and check from time to time to open some curtains or water!


You can check what type of plant it evolved into in the Encyclopedia. Upon completion of all the varieties of the PlaDan, you could get a special present - which appears to be the ultimate PlaDan (Galaxy coloured...?!)!

Probably better things to grow, vegetables than dirt (Haven't posted that one yet)... :P Plus it's probably the only plants that I can't kill (I don't have Green fingers, but black fingers so plants that have touched my hands tend to die)!

There seems to be no particular flow (Although in the previews there seems to be a hierarchy for evolution!) of which plant comes next. =3= It's like a screen saver that you have running behind other apps and you simply go in and have a like every 15-30 minutes or so to see which plant it change into. Downside is that you can't choose to keep which plant on all the time. :/ I'm actually most curious with the flower boy (Red haired character on the icon )!!! He's probably one of the ending plant.

I might update this later when I get somewhere with my current plant - it looks like it's refusing to evolve! There's no existing guidance to how many times of sunlight / Sprays to particular plants, only wish it was THAT simple! You only get to choose to either give Sunlight (But there's no dry/dying plant) or Spray water (Nor overly damped/dying plant) each round. If it allows I'll do both to be honest! Will continue to play it from time to time, not so much for the PlaDan images (That's bonus haha), but like... trying to figure out how to play with it. lol

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