[iPhone] Souzou Kareshi 10 Nin no Risou no Kareshidachi

Gijinka Kareshi!

Brought to you be SEEC Inc! I must say I have taken a liking into all the game apps they release since late last year, such as Gorilla Kareshi, Shiroyukihime to 11 Nin no Ikemen, Anotoki no kotoba wo kikitakure, Gekimuzu Kareshi Host hen and Seiran Koukou Himobu just to name all those that I have posted!

This time, you create your boyfriend from based on the image of items you often interact with (Although they're limited)! There is a Kanojou side for this one too, but as usual, I'll only write up for the Kareshi side. XD
I like it how they make it as though you wear the VR accessory.

Chiharu (Name changeable) is used to returning to an empty house because she have no boyfriend. But once in a little while, she feels like returning home to hear someone say Welcome home or thank you for the work today.

One day, she saw on the internet a Bocchi You VR (Virtual Reality) accessory which allows you to create your very own ideal Boyfriend! Although the idea sounds all too weird, the day after she was sent the BVR accessory! She tried it on and then was absorbed inside where she met Adam, the BVR Navigator who explains how it all works...

Some spoiler, but I can't be bothered to go backwards and cap them as shadows anymore. Not to mention Nemura's appearance is spoiled in there. :P

Sub character

lol Looks like they got lazy and didn't bothered to draw the eyes for Adam in Chibi form. =w=+

Travel between the 3 split rooms (Left, Centre and Right) and collect Bocchi Points (BP) to Unlock new Kareshi with 3 Ideal keywords!!


One could trial and error all the keywords (Mind you, some of the undesirable traits may actually not be useful at all!) and they do give you a hint upon 3 failure on the same first word. E.g. Butler (Shitsuji) is normally Cool. Upon successful combination, you created a new Kareshi! Further, if you fail, the BP turns into experience points to Adam to power up the BP replenishment! (I was hoping Adam was a hidden route. lol)

But in order to turn them into real Kareshi, you need to turn them into Human form! This is done via leveling up the love meter for each item/character via skinship (Patting) or via giving them their favourite food (Ranges from Sushi, Salad, Pizza, Orange Juice and Cake)! Upon 100% completion, give them the key to the new door (Can be bought by BP, but it increases in BP requirement after each one you buy!) to evolve!

Why am I even patting and talking to a ATM...

* Upon completion of the tutorial, you get free 500BP!
* Focus on unlocking all 6 items first. The characters will appear via the 3 split rooms and will offer you 20bp each time they have a ! mark bubble. Tap on Character with ! bubble in the 3 split rooms to collect 20BP instantly!
* Watch ad every 20 minutes to earn 60BP!
* Tap on ad in the 3 split rooms to earn 30BP!
* Feed their favourite food to the correct character! You will get max 5% per feed.
* Skinship! The BP free and you get 5+% per patting session (Depends if they talk in between, it increases/recover the skinship meter by just slightly).
* You can't go wrong with expensive/classy Sushi!
* Preregister bonus 500BP could be obtained via going into setting then tapping the logo 10 times. This is one off present.
* Kareshi Formulas:
Futon = Healing type + Easygoing + ?
Butler = Butler + Stand Strong + ?
Money Stack = Feminist + Clever + ?
Calendar = Strict + Cool + ?
Hair Dryer = Positive + Genki + ?

At last! A houchi game where the stories could be revisited! XD Not to mention that includes the prologue! To be honest the start of this one was abit gloomy with the VR accessory using the word Bocchi, which have implication of Lonely...! So I assumed the VR Bocchi You actually means VR accessory for the lonely you. orz But I could be wrong. haha

I actually hoped the room could just loop infinity. haha Then I could just click left left left or right right right all the way. Personally prefer to clip right only since there's nothing blocking the arrow to go to the left page. I was taken by surprised with the Butler's appearance... personally I wouldn't consider that appearance as Ikemen...! XP

Upon unlocking the story, you could create food items for the Kareshi provided you get the correct keywords! Mind you, unlike trying to work out what Kareshi is out there, you would know the food items description since they're available for purchase using BP (I got the Cake correct in the first go!). It's good idea to try to work out the combinations as some food items actually cost more than 50 BP. That said, at the same time, it's good to fail to get the items as it increases 1BP points you get as you level up each time with Adam. XD

I finished playing all the final story of all the 5 initial characters (59% Completion), with 2 Endings and last part of the story yet to be released. =3=

*Spoiler alert*
Makoto's route is probably the most normal with him being gentle and reliable. Yukichi's apparently more traditional / aged minded than Howard was abit of a surprised for me, I was glad he became abit more trendy afterwords. lol You is probably a pretty normal route too but with abit of the gamer/younger side showing through his personality. Akira's route was kind of sweet, with his effort to be a good boyfriend and those cute blushes! Personally I quite enjoy Nemuru's story... probably because he was so M. haha

I knew Howard would turn into an ikemen! lol Although I had doubt initially, but yes he did evolve and surprisingly the height is still the same before he evolved. lol
*Spoiler ends*

I look forward to the pending updates include new characters and further evolution! I wonder if the ending would involve turning one of the character into a real person... perhaps Adam...!? Like he took in all the charm points from all the other items and turn into the perfect Kareshi!? Guess I won't be touching (Skinship lol) it until their next update!

theme : Otome Game
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