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Stylish Chance!

Brought to you by Goodroid Inc! I know they have a few games under their titles, however as always my focus was on their otome game apps (See my post on Watashi no Himo Otoko and Kareshi, Shindemasu) I sort of missed this one until I finished a few houchi game recently. XD This time it was slightly different! As this one is based on the manga Sakamoto Desu ga? by Nami Sano which had a anime adaption for this season!

A must play for Sakamoto die hard fans!
I think the cover needs some sparkles! Not stylish enough! lol

Sakamoto is a High School student who does everything stylishly cool. He is well liked by many within and out side of school. Whatever the situations, he will always managed to fix the problem with perfection and in style whilst maintaining his coolness!

Sakamoto (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)

The comparison from normal and his chibi form.

Tap on to the items for Sakamoto to action (Collect Stylish points) on. There's also the Speed Up (Normally known as Fever mode) where you get items replenished at a rapid speed. However, unlike most fever mode, this one only last around 10 seconds (So short! ).

There is also Stylish Chance for bonus points by answering the most Sakamoto like answer (That Nike - Just do it attitude lol)! That said, probably those who have watch the anime will be better of than those who haven't watched the anime before!

* Take Stylish Chance which is replenish every 30 minutes up to maximum of 3.
* The correct answer is fixed to the same answer for different scenario. Hence it is handy if you have watch the anime!
* Share on SNS (Facebook / Line / Twitter) once a day to get Speed up! To be honest, I didn't think it was worth while doing compared to Stylish Chance. =w=
* Watch ad to recover the Stylish Chance. Somehow doesn't work for me, but if you could watch the ad, I strongly recommend you to do so to recover the Stylish Chance as the points received from it (upon correct answer) is higher than tapping on the action item.

I personally find that if I haven't watched the anime I would be more keen to play the app. XD I have read the original manga prior to the anime adaptation hence I had interest in it. Some cut scenes cut off at weird places... the speech bubble that covers the bottom half of Sera's body makes it looks like Sera was nake. orz I probably prefer to see him in that bee pattern pants.

I love how they change the action items for each stage to suit the event / chapter! Though I didn't like how they score the points yet doesn't show the remaining points for the next level. As well as how short lived the Speed up was...

Although you basically hear alot of random special skills (You probably figure out that you actually get more voiced sentences out from the anime), but play it for the cute Sakamoto? XD


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