[Android] Hyakumannin Kareshi 10 Byo Renai Otome Game

Confession in 10 Seconds!

Brought to you by GrapHite! Move the hearts of one million Bishounen! Similar to their original title for Kanojo, this time it features Bishounen, and as such, I'm also focusing on the Kareshi side. =w=

It's abit rare that I make a post on Android games. Mostly because I own a iPhone instead of Android, but since I was without my phone for a day. My hand twitches and needed some gaming until I get my phone back (I do have iPad but it does gets heavy carrying it around). A special thanks to Haruki for enlightening me on how to screen captured on Android.
Interestingly, the confession is done outdoor and not indoor...

There isn't a guy who won't be charmed by me! I'll prove to you that I can get a boyfriend within 10 seconds! Let's make it quick and snappy!

Repeatedly tap on the Ikemen to shower him with confessions! Once you achieve a knock out confession within 10 seconds, you made a boyfriend!

Showering with confession not visible on this image since I'm screen capturing. lol

Boys are randomly generated with different coloured hair, clothing, accessories and interestingly names etc. There are tough opponent too, so get help from animals (automatic!) to slow them down too!

* Unlock animals and leave app running (Go for a shower or something haha). In some hours time you'll be able to unlock more helpful animals to build your Team Animals for hunting Ikemen. lol
* Level items up to every level 20 to get double points!
* Level up from items on the bottom list then move up, as they require same number
* Share to get a pearl per share. Replenish every few hours. Once you hhave up to 20 pearls, exchange for 6,086,136 hearts!

As I thought the character designs looks surprisingly familiar to the web browser game that I played quite some times ago, it turns out that Datenkei Danshi Devils Kiss was infact done by the same company. lol I always think that being a web browser based game, the replay value is actually alot lower - although you don't have to update the app - due to no quick access with a simple launch of the game.

I do think this game is relatively addictive...! I can't wait to see upon 1 million ikemen knock out (It probably just continues haha)!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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