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My play history of Gyakuten Keiji 2

lol I finally found where I put this document! It was inside a USB all alongggg... (It must love to run away from me! Anyhow, here's my play history!)

It's been a while since I last played it (March I believe? lol ) so I kinda forgot what I wanted to write about Miles Edgeworth Investigation 2! :P But no worries because I finally managed to get back onto it (since I got stuck on Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - will finalise that summary/walkthrough and posted it up soon).
Gyakuten Keiji 2


* Time was set in few weeks after the last game (So much slower compare to PW series!?)

* Slightly hardest than the previous one - longer cases! Or perhaps I'm starting to forget my Japanese? orz

* Logics that drives you insane with its time limit - but don't worry, even if you ran out of time, it only takes a little bit out of your "HP" bar.

* Yay for a FEMALE judge Mikagami, which kinda replaces Franziska von Karma with the whole "whip" thing. But not only that! She gets her own voice too! :O

* Young and cute prosecutor! Ichinayagi! Can't believe his dad actually looks like that! ^^;

Case 1
* Familiar faces from Ace Attorney series! The baldy prosecutor and Shelly de Killer.

* Damn the international law between inside and outside the aircraft! As if last case in game 1 wasn't hard enough!

Case 2
* Familiar faces from Ace Attorney series! Rou Shiryuu back on case 2! (Could see that sadness when he say he's a lone wolf - and that flash back of Shiina~ <3), Mirika from the Circus!?

*If a Jail (like a circus!!!) like that exist, I think being in Jail won't be as boring!?

Case 3
* Familiar faces from Ace Attorney series! Badou and Larry! Gosh Larry seems to always find himself a way to trouble (Or troubling his friendslol).

* Love the way how they use Shiraku as the connection between Edgeworth and his father. But man this guy ate memo!? O.O

* Main focus is on Edgeworth and his father - who is an Attorney and how he's following his footstep - though Edgeworth is an "assistant to Attorney". Understanding what's it like to be an Attorney, where people would thank them... I suppose you get abit of Edgeworth's change of view regarding Attorney roles (The interchanging prosecutor and Attorney roles! ). His father is quite a serious man... would love to see him teaches Edgeworth to do THAT dance. :P

* The cooking song is stuck in my head! Damn the lyrics that matches the music! XD

Case 4
* Familiar faces from Ace Attorney series! Franziska and Natsumi the journalist! Ema too!

* Mikumo could be quite... different!?

* 2 person character! Interesting! XD

* lol Franziska and Mikagami looks like sisters side by side!

* And I realised at the end of this case that... Edgeworth + Mikagami + Mikumo looks like a family! They dress pink/red-ish!

Case 5 (Merely just started on this case! XD)
* Familiar faces from Ace Attorney series! Right after case 4, so characters are carried forward! (I thought case 4 was relatively shorter than the rest) Oh there's also the staff member (can't remember her name, and plus the name they use in the game is staff! ^^;) from the Steel Samurai movie case!?

* I don't believe we're going to talk about gozilla/monsters and the likes in Edgeworth's game! o.o

* I can't wait to find out Mikagami's reason for doing all this to Edgeworth! *A*

To be continued...?

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P.S. The next game that I can't wait to play is PL vs PW! (Layton-kyōju VS Gyakuten Saiban) But wait until I get a 3DS first. orz


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