[3DS] Get Darkrai on Pokemon XY/OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire

Australia limited time only event!

I only received an email about getting a Darkrai (Originally brought into Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by obtaining it in Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia) yesterday as part of celebrating 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, but turns out it was released at the beginning of the month and until 24/05/2016! ARGH. That said, I didn't managed to get the pretty printout as with all the other times but just a receipt at EB store.

Anyway, I managed to find my Omega Ruby which was lost in my ultra messy desk (Just proves how long I haven't really draw - Probably since Smash last year lol )!
Level 100 Darkrai!

As with the Mew gift, Darkrai also have its levels maxed out already... so it's mostly for collection purpose (I'm not a big fan of using Dark elements Pokemon). =w=

To receive the Pokemon, ensure:
* Your console have enough battery and internet access.
* You have room for more Pokemon on your party.
* Go to Mystery Gift on the main menu, then select Receive Gift and enter Code.
* Head to the Pokemon Center and speak to the Delivery Girl!
* Don't forget to save the game after receiving it! (This is very important since you only get one Pokemon for each unique code!!!)

Official XY Site
Official Ruby Sapphire Site <-- Personally I prefer to refer to them as Omega / Alpha.

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