[iPhone] Hajimete no Kokuhaku wa Shindaatodeshita.

Shindaato ni Kokuhaku!?

Brought to you by Active Channel! I have been playing their few apps simultaneously, though this is the only one that I wanted to do a write up on. XD Their titles are interesting though their gameplay isn't one of the best out there for houchi games - it wasn't so much of a leave alone with them replenishing every one minute. =w=

The other titles are more intended for an slightly older audience compared to this one and they're Kono Monogatari no Ketsumatsu wa Mitei (I couldn't quite stand the ex boyfriend! ) and Piyokuzushi, Ningyo wa Utau. Dakedo Boku wa Odorenai (The Mermaid took too long to appear for my liking. lol).

On her birthday, Yanagi Hatsuka (Name changeable) decided to confess to Nanase senpai she admire. But without much thinking, she rescued Nanase senpai from the car accident and became a spirit. At her funeral, she came across Kenyuu, a kouhai who was able to see her due to his father's work as a monk. He then explained that she would need to finished her unfinished business so that she could pass on. Will Hatsuka be able to make her very first love confession to Nanase Senpai!?

Tap to collect the flowers, each flower is 10 points. The progress of the story happens normally after 100-150 points.


* Click on the Flower button which gives you 10 flowers per use (So use it when you have cleared the screen), and is replenished every 1 hour.
* Watch the ad to recover the Flower button.
* I recommend finishing the Senpai route before the Kouhai route!

Unlike your normal houchi game, I was abit sad to not see any changes to Heroine's avatar stages after stages. orz Apart from that, they didn't double the experience for the second round onwards too. Though I suppose it's not necessary since there are only two endings to this story. You get to choose between the two guys - Kujou senpai who Hatsuka admires or Kenyuu Kouhai who have been supporting Hatsuka. Having said that, I think the title should be called Notice me Senpai (Hey, it works for Kenyuu Kouhai's point of view too lol)!

*Spoiler Alert*
It's so obvious that both guys likes Hatsuka! Although the Kouhai take notice of Hatsuka first since he cried so badly during her funeral and Senpai only take notice of Hatsuka after her death since she rescued him. Things could truly take a turn if Hatsuka stayed beyond the 49 days and she wasn't able to move on - imagine what sort of power she would possessed by then!?

I'm sure, secretly, some of those that played this game actually support the Senpai and Kouhai instead. It was sort of implied in the ending A if you think of it the wrong way and ignore the fact that Hatsuka was in the story all this time (Just the nature of the fact that she should have moved on!). lol The true end is definitely the Kouhai route - abit of a surprise but it ended up that way! That said, ending B was a good finished for the game.
*Spoiler Ends*

You could revisit the story in the album - although the CGs don't appear in between the pages. Also, upon finishing re-reading each stage, the album goes back to the current stage, which is abit of a hassle when you want to read the whole story smoothly. Having said that, playing this game once is enough...

Note to self: Where the heroine have died to begin with normally don't have a good ending. ;A;

theme : Otome Game
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