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Brought to you by Little Sugar! A renewal of an older app they released on Android previously! I actually started playing it first time on the Android some years ago, but never continued or finish playing it. Must say it's always easiest to have it on your existing mobile than on a tablet (Personally, I don't take tablet out due to the lack of internet connection).

Unlike their other title Mafia More this is probably more tamed (See how my backlog grows... orz). As suggested from the title, they're guys that the heroine picked up from the Yamanote train line. XD Somehow I can't help myself but think of all these location specific "celebrities" like AKB but in this case YMN...!
This is the previous version of the cover which includes the Jouji, a colleague but from Shinjuku... I can't believe he's the sexy type whilst Reiichi isn't!? XD

Heroine was sent by the senior editor Natsuki from the Shirokuma magazine Company to scout the local Ikemen that is located on the Yamanote Train line! She came across four potential ikemen at Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Ebisu and Harajuku. But her Senior isn't that strict and suggested all she need to do is pick one of the Ikemen she met and interview him!


Ordered by appearance within the prologue... definitely not because I'm Sakurai bias...! XP
Hanazono Aoi (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
Serizawa Teru (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)
Taki Reiichi (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou)
Aoyama Shousuke (CV: Amano Shota)

Sub Characters
Shintou Jouji
Amahara Natsuki
Shijyou Hayato

Novel style gameplay with 5 scenario ticket a day going through the story one route at a time. In between the chapter you will be prompt to choose an answer which is increase the love meter for the chosen character.

They move! lol Those Live 2.5D effects...

Dress your Avatar and charm up to increase the love meter to the chosen route. I must say the Kareshi avatar is pretty decent in this one! Though to date I still haven't got accessories for my Kareshi... suppose they're more premium gacha.

* Play daily since you have 5 story tickets every day!
* 7 days login bonus for newbies.
* Add friends! Here's my friend ID: yhzj0286326853

I thought the amount of voiced sentences were better than most web browser games and other apps, since they you still get a voiced sentence every few chapters. Further you get a decent amount of event CGs! Though I do hope they start improving that and actually give heroine a face. lol I could only imagine her having some facial features from the dress up avatars.

I did have a difficult time choosing which route to start, but I'm currently playing through Teru's route (His blushing is so cute! ). This is probably my order of play Teru > Reiichi > Shousuke > Aoi. I think Shousuke is the official route given he is positioned in the front and the fact that he's on the app icon! XD

I thought Jouji would have to be one of the potential route since he was on the first cover before (See the cover of the app on the top, I purposely leave it unchange for the backlog). lol They only recently removed him. Probably because people have been asking when they'll release his route. That said, I don't think it will happen! lol Plus, they added in a character Hayato with unknown occupation. My current guess is that he is probably... the owner of the magazine company, if not the rival. Guess I'll find out much later! XD

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