[Convention] Zine Fair

Zine Fair at Museum of Contemporary Art

Just to explain the lack of updates recently... I will be at MCA this Sunday 12/06/2016 (Tomrrow! Talk about short notice! ) for the annual Zine Fair!

And YES! I'm making this an annual project for myself! This year, I'm sharing the table with Lapin Foufou (Was at The Other World Zine Fair late last month introducing to my current table partner for Smash that Lapin was my ex-table partner, but lol now she's my Zine table partner! ) as last years table have been split over various table. Indeed, for the past few years we have been over populated onto the same table. lol That said, Jinberry, LucieTea and Vikingfreya will also be there at separate tables!

(Preview of the stock under the cut!)

Medjed Fever!
16 pages (Include Cover) Illustration / Activities
Black and white printing
Gag / comedy

I was meant to do the Ringo No Ookami 4koma but due to lack of time, I simply gave up and drew Medjed instead (I blame it on playing too much Egypt Kami to Koi Shiyo - see my post here).

Ah! Risu's Worry. Vol 0.
24 pages (Include Cover) Illustration/4 Koma
Black and white printing
Gag / Illustration

This was based on characters designed for the Our Wonderlands - Tribute to Alice in Wonderland Artbook (Sold out some years ago, thanks for the support!). There are more characters in this one than the artbook inserts.

The World (Zine) for the Two of Us
16 pages (Include Cover) 4 Koma
Black and white printing
Gag / comedy / romance

Copy of the following The World (Zine) for the Two of Us is available on my dA (as it was sold out last year) if you're interested in their cameo in the Medjed Fever!

I'll have a display of some characters (Namely Hitsuji and Ookami... and maybe Medjed! ) and some prints on the day so please come and take photos. haha XD If not , there's always Vivi

The fair runs from 10am – 6pm, so catch me if you can (Literally, because apparently sales are better whenever I'm away from the table)! Or simply feel free to comment in this post (Or the Zine Fair report post to come - if I do post one haha) regarding my Zine!!! >w<

theme : Arts & Crafts
genre : Hobby


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