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So many Ships...

Brought to you by Deep Sea Prisoner! It's been a while since I last played an indie game on PC! Thanks for Bambi for introducing it during the dinner talk about Cosplay Plans! Although it took us long enough to really set on something more solid. I figured I should play the game before deciding who I really wanted to cosplay - and I was pretty spot on even prior to playing the game. lol

Currently in the middle of finishing Wadanohara and the Great Blue sea! Only whilst playing the game I recall seeing some cosplayers cosplaying them before! lol Interested so it made abit of impression, and now it all link! Might do a post after completion of the game, so stay tune!
The Gray Garden
The Gray Garden Cover
Favourite pairing!

The world consist of Angels and Demons who lives in Harmony. Yosafire is a demon who enjoys a carefree life with her friends until one day, a mysterious bat appears in the garden...

Typical turn based RPG (Role Playing Game)! Except... there is no requirement to level up or skill up. Everything is just so smooth without heavy grinding.

* There's no need to level up. The bosses are easy enough!
* Change into your best equipment! They're easily obtained later during the game, though one should just buy 4 of every items in the weapon shop for starters! Although you get to use other characters, there's only 4 main characters that you could change the equipment for. I was relatively taken by surprise the amount of equipment that was available in the treasure chests and I kept changing them!
* Save! There's a maximum of 15 slots for saving (I didn't know they exist until I pressed down too much)! Recommended for saving them for alternative endings. NOTE: Read the spoiler tag for Bad ends as to where to save (For ease of access to alternative endings, otherwise recommended to revisit )!
* Explore the additional videos after finishing the game for the first time! They're like short story of what happened before / after the story!

I was Shocked that I was battling Butterfly or Flutterfly they called it in game! (I mean that peaceful music and all) However, battle isn't prompt until you press on them. The idea of Caterpillar Tempura... works but no thanks. There were lambs... but looks more like giant bunnies and I only found out they were lambs because I attack them. Without reading much on the game, I played it with the assumption that the ending will be dependent on how many enemies I kill, so that said, I expect grinding when I see any turn based RPG - which is one reason why I probably took more than the estimate completion time of 6 hours! lol

Generally speaking there are alot of Tsundere and Baka characters, so the overall mood set in this one is more light hearted (Probably something to do with the cute art style too!)! Even with the gore that I was told about, it had minimal impact on me (It's low level gore!)! In terms of characters, the pairings/partners are pretty official, I mean they all make an appearance in pairs! XD Although Yosafire, Froze, Macarona and Rawberry are the main characters (Characters that I could change equipment for! I was slightly taken by surprised that I wasn't able to change equipment for Dialo and Chelan! Although they're mostly indoor, but I saw them part of the colourful gang!), whilst playing it I felt that the grey scale characters (in contrast to the colourful main charactesr!) had a lot more hidden past and stories to tell! Which is probably one reason why they are featured in the sequel!

Spoiler alert
Really didn't understand the main backstory to whole invasion thing... Lvlis's appearance (Along with his female underlings which have skin colours - which I find odd as most characters basically have white skin!) was almost redundant given how quickly I was able to finish him off (Maybe I leveled too much!?)! Emalf is also for laughs (Thought he was just Oresama but was more Baka as I play and particularly find him cute when he loses his sunglasses!), but I do like the little love triangle (?) that is built there between Yosafire and Froze. Froze seems to only heal Yosafire (So bias!)... I believe Grora could have recover sooner than expected with a little bit more help...!? Grora and Wodahs are mostly there for laughs too, so made for each other with similar features. Suppose it's better than being hidden Yandere character(s)! I also like Reficul's appearance, but felt there is so much more to her background story, I almost thought she was Kcalb's sister! The last part with Lowrie and Greif could probably be explained further...! Just imagine the potential sequel! *Keeps imagining*
Spoiler ends

Garden Gray The
Garden Gray The Cover
Gender Bend! Kcalb is really cute!

Etihw ate Kcalb's cake which her sister Wodahs made especially for her. After the argument, Kcalb decided to run away...

Pretty nice little addition to the original story on the favourite characters in Gender bend version! (Love it when they do Gender bend! More options for cosplayer to cosplay! haha) Although the story isn't anything overly exciting (Your typical lovers quarrel with a teasing boy and a tsudere girl! ), although the original selves have great personality already, the gender bend version still hits the spot (Trust me it's the ships!). lol

Overall I think there's still potential for a sequel, but doesn't look like the author have the intention to make a sequel. If you're into romance in games, this is definitely the title for you! Everyone ends up (implied anyway) with someone! Though, it's probably hard to please everyone!

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