[Concert] KPP 5iVE Years Monster World Tour 2016

The Big Top @ Luna park

2 years since Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's last visit to Sydney!! And I was there again to see her perform! :D Having been to the first one, one couldn't help but compared between the two concerts. This time it was held on Friday that just past (24/06/2016) which was considered relatively cold compared to the hot summer when she was here last!

Some photos under the cut thanks to my cousin who got a better phone camera than me!
I went with my cousin this time who have never been to a concert in Sydney before since he have been living overseas most of his time. We went to have Pho for dinner prior to queuing up and braving the cold weather (Thumbs up to those who dressed up despite the weather!). Luckily it wasn't raining. It was however, extremely windy so queuing there for approximately an hour doesn't make it any better. orz The heat packs only felt hotter when it was after the concert. lol


That said, I arrived there after the door have opened at 7:00pm, still took us a good 45 minutes before we get into the hall. They seems to have more supply of merchandise compared to last time, probably due to the reduced amount of people buying the T shirts? The price haven't increased too significantly when we do the maths, but we weren't as interested probably because they were black T shirts (we all like the pastel colours for the last one)!

I think there was just probably 50% more attendance compared to two years ago (Plus I note the age mix is alot different lol). I was abit sad to know there's no upstairs viewing (suppose that makes it looks like there are more people on the ground level)... I enjoyed the great view without all the Sweaty people in front of me in the last one. XD


The background setting was less bulky compared to the last... mostly backdrops and minimal physical objects.

First dress! Floral themed!

Second dress! More pastel colours!

Encore outfit!

The concert seems to have ended earlier than expected, which we suspected have to do with the rush to the second round of concert in Melbourne for the next day.

The classic songs are still the best in terms of engaging the audiences. I notice the reduced responses with her latest song, though that said, the style was more different. My cousin enjoyed the concert despite not knowing her songs. Majority of the effort seems to belong to DJ Plant (I'm surprised Kyary didn't introduce her dancer this time round) and having the glow sticks!!

There was a nice little take away gift which is same as the poster except they're less likely to be destroy easily. I think they could have done better with the promotion buy handing them out prior to the concert to get last minute people to buy concert tickets. =w=

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