[Anime] 2016 Summer Anime

Anime this Summer

Just another listing to remind myself that there are things to watch whenever I do run out of games to play (Or simply lazy to move ).

Short post will be short!
Hatsukoi Monster 2 July 2016
I thought the anime adaptation would be to be more like Inu x Boku SS. Anyway, watching it for Shoutas I mean Sakurai and many other seiyuus! Most likely to be my favourite of the season!

Tsukiuta The Animation 2 July 2016
Watched the trailer and the animation of the dances reminds me of what a music game should have looked like. lol Probably would expect the same for Dream Fest but that's showing in another season instead! There are just too many idols and music related anime pending to count! That said, there's also...

B-Project 2 July 2016
Watching it for the artworks... probably the only one with character designs that's abit more quality to Uta no Prince Sama. But one wouldn't expect less from Yukihiro Utako, whose known for Makai Ouji, but more for me Issho ni Gohan and the comic version of Utapri!

Scared Rider Xechs 5 July 2016
Because Otome game... and rangers... :P

OzMafia!! 6 July 2016
Surprise find, mostly side stories to show characters personalities than stories. Slightly disappointed with the anime decided to go with chibi version (Probably under the influence of Hakuouki Otogiin the Spring Season). Then again, justice could never be done for the gradient colouring style.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love! Love! 7 July 2016
Unsure about the twin additions... watching for lol and for the conquest club members!

Dangan Ronpa 3 11 July 2016
Just something different on my list. haha

On a side note, looking at the next season... there's Watashi ga Mote te Dousunda!

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