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Ending upon confession!

Brought to you by Global Gear, not to be mistaken for the costumes and props shop (Probably only people in Sydney or Melbourne would know what I'm talking about but anyway)! It's up to the player to decide when to end the conversation, basically by confession using the word "Like"! That is really to say, the Taboo word is Like! If you mentioned it then you ended the game!

If this sounds like your type of game then read on! Otherwise, play it for the pretty illustrations (Just play it regardless lol).
Keep this motto in mind during the gameplay!!

If there's a theory in love that "If you fall in love first you Lose", then that means "If you make them fall in love first you win"!

There are 6 characters in total, which each one you select, will automatically get a second character unlock within the first few texts you sent to the chosen character!

Iakarashi Riki
Mizuki Yukito
Kuroda Keigo
Kubo Takuma
Nagai Masaaki
Shitatori Rui

This is upon unlocking all characters (Since I headed straight into it without taking a screen shot lol)!

Progress by replying the Kare's message via choosing one of the 3 options in the reply! The more the Kare express his feelings to you, the faster the messages will be replied! One could simply tap continuously to quicken the waiting process (Though I find this redundant when you unlock majority of the Kare).

The ending could be triggered with the word Like highlighted in red!

The love meter starts at 50%, with the points you get for increasing or decreasing the love meter will impact on the ending! Upon obtaining the ending you could restart all over! So one should probably note down what increases the love meter! I love the fact that they incorporate the facebook like status update in between the messaging which makes it more realistic (They're almost secret inside information between your conversation with them)!

In the end you still confess. But only at the very end, since once you confess, the route literally finish.

There are Good / Normal / 3 different types lose endings (total of 5 types)! Once you read all the ending, an after story will be unlocked for the character!

You could replay the ending by clicking on the ending CG!

Love meter rates for unlocking endings:
Bad end 50%+
Bad end 2 60%+
Bad end 3 70%+
Normal end 80%+
Happy end 90%+

* Tap to shorten the waiting time (Ranges from 1 minute to 15+ minutes!). This should be redundant after 2 more characters appeared.
* Drop down notes for the best answers to achieve Happy End. Also recommended to do in a particular order since if you get the same ending, you literally wasted time trying to unlock a new ending. orz Though saying that, one could go back to friends and check which CG you're missing to see which ending you haven't unlock.

Personally, I think the love meter percentages are reflective to the ending character shot. lol Happy end character shot is full coloured (Happy, so it's colourful! ), whilst bad ends are like blackout of character (Dark or yan... ) and normal end is just lighter shadow cut out of the character (Just normal...).

To be honest, they didn't really need to have the full names of the characters, since most of them uses an online nickname and in fact, it makes it quite confusing to reference to some characters! Louis (Rui) seems to be the easiest route as he's head over toes over you, so I managed to score the highest with 93% and somehow managed to select all the good answers (Maybe I am compatible for weirdos lol). Riki is probably recommended as the first character to go through since there plenty of opportunity for you to admit you like him. lol The rest of the characters seems to be more time consuming, since the opportunities to confess is alot less in contrast!

The after story should be sweeter than Happy end (I have yet to unlock them, I'm close to but I do multiple routes all together lol!), if not then... would be yan...?

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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