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Those who resides in Australia, New Zealand and US, you're in luck! Pokemon Go! was released on the 05/07/2016. I had a brief play of it (Not so much the walking component since weather have been cold) and here's what I gathered as a no go-er (Didn't support on my old phone -Boohoo- and only played stationary -walking around the block doesn't help with the weak wifi/data signals-).

The game is released by Niantic. The basics of the game revolves around Google map, which relates to the April's Fool joke back in 2014 where there is a Pokemon Challenge to find 150 Pokemon on Google map. Though with Pokemon Go only have a listing of 127, now that they've implemented it, there are room for additions to that pokedex and with the intention of global release.

Read on for play history accompanied with short rants envy thoughts from a no go-er.
Pokemon No Go

As usual, the game started off with a Professor (Professor Willow in this case) appears and player gets to choose the gender of the trainer (yourself) and ranges from 3 different colour outfits (hat / Jacket / pants / backpack), and down to the little details such as eye / hair colours.

Are you a boy or a girl?

Then you get to catch your starter Pokemon between the pokemon from Gen 1 - Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. NOTE: There were mentioned that you could captured a Pikachu as your starter pokemon after walking away from the 3 pokemons on the map 4 times. But as a No-goer, I didn't have the opportunity to exploit this option.

I didn't turn on the location service either so it was as if I was capturing the starter on the water or looked like they were floating in the galaxy... (I played at night when I finally borrowed my mum's phone in desperate measure to play it)

Tap on pokemon that appears on the map to trigger capture. The capture involves throwing the poke balls above the pokemon. At the beginning you will have to find the pokemon that appears in front of you via the AR (Augmented Reality) in the camera mode, however this could be switched off at a later stage. I find switching it off allows easier capture with Poke balls, but that is not to say you shouldn't have fun taking a photo with your favourite pokemon! XD

There is a 99 limit to Poke balls, but could be replenish through going to Poke Spot or in game purchase. There is generally no need to do the in game purchase since there are plenty of Poke Spots out there, and with each Poke Spot, there are 3 random items to be collected (Mostly poke balls anyway)!

Poke Spot sighted! But so far away.

Poke Spots are predominately landmarks on Google map. That said, you could check your local churches and libraries for them. Each check in gives you 50 exp, regardless of being able to carry the items or not.

As a no Go-er, I managed to level up to level 3 without checking into any Poke spot. If you're lucky, you might be situated at a near by Poke spot which will allow you to level up gradually.

Upon reaching level 5, you will be asked to join one of the 3 teams - Instinct (yellow), Mystic (Blue) and Valor (Red). Each team will battle to gain control over Pokemen Gyms, which are located at high traffic landmarks such as train stations and major landmarks.

When entering into Gym battles, make sure you choose the best 6 pokemon for the battle. Within the gym battle, you could tap on your pokemon to attack, or alternatively, slide left or right to dodge attacks. Having witness a gym battle, it does take abit of time to complete since there are 6 pokemon to battle through.

* Ensure you have enough data on your plan, otherwise I would suggest you stay away from this one to avoid bill shock! Free Wifi are proven unstable, hence you will not be able to connect to the server. I believe the bare minimum is 4G. =w=
* Leave app running in the background for tracking your walking for egg incubating purposes.
* Switch off camera mode to reduce the time (and battery!) to find the pokemon on screen. Mind you, it's actually easier as the Pokemon is always in front of you contrast if you were to be playing it whilst walk (shaky hands).
* Aim higher when flicking. Personally I find that my flick tends to be too weak that it wasted the poke balls (since there's a limit of poke ball).
* Choose your team wisely, as you cannot join another team afterwards!
* You can trade duplicated pokemon with Professor Willow by tapping on them, who gives you candy in exchange to help you upgrade your Pokemon.
* Pokemon varies at different geographical locations. So you really do have to search "far and wide" for different pokemons.
* Carry a extra battery bank! You never know when you DO need to call someone for help but the battery went flat.
* Walk to hatch eggs! I took a morning walk with my sister's phone and hatched two. XD
* Remain as a Gym leader for as long as possible! You could get coins by being a Gym leader!

Which team did or will you join? From what I gathered, most people jointed red and blue teams (Must be the saying, Red vs Blue) and a general lack of people joining the yellow team. What does it mean if there's no as many members in your coloured team? That probably means that you'll have a harder time trying to overtake a gym!

As a no go-er, I haven't been able to level up as much as I want to compared those go-ers... to the extent that they stay out and play out all day long and after midnight. @.@ One of our friend actually went to the cemetery to get Gengar (I hope it wasn't at night, but I didn't ask anymore lol). I think having teams (Plus social media events for gathering) did have an impact on the amount of people staying out... it's like online gaming until late at night, except for the fact that you're all gathered in a physical place. I think it gain alot more popularity due to free download and basically, no console requirement (assuming everyone have the latest phone and carries it 24/7) so that people of all ages could play it. Every now and then you might walk pass people who stand in the middle of no where with their heads down and phone in their hands. That's a pretty good sign that they're playing Pokemon Go.

Will you enter into gym battles, or will you just be a peace keeper and be happy with leveling up by walking to Poke Stops and/or stay over night at those poke stops for rare pokemons or will you just wait until this hype dies down!?

The portable device Pokemon GO Plus is scheduled to be release later in the month (July 2016).

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