[Cosplay] Manifest

Manifest @ Melbourne Showground

At last, it's been... 2-3 weeks since Manifest. orz

Let’s start off with... the night before as usual? XD

*Long post will be long*
Day 0 Thursday
Stayed up until 4am trying to finish sewing the gloves & boot cover for Houou Maniwa (Katanagatari) on Saturday. Luckily I got the expertise from Hehalana. Still didn’t finished.

Day 1 Friday
Woke up around 7 am, and continued sewing where I left off. I was literally still using the sewing machine until the minute I left the house. Talk about being organised... ^^; (Not very organised though I was the first to start orz) Training it to the airport, missed the first train... by the time we got onto the train, I was still fiddling with the Houou’s Tail. Learnt the art of human iron from Hehalana! XD Not very effective though. orz

I’ll skip the excitement of what happened to Ry-spirit since it’s too long to type (He’ll be updating it on his DA journal anyway). Arrived to Melbourne later than expected in the afternoon so didn’t end up catching a glimsp of a Friday convention. D: Nor getting our pass in advance – biggest mistake ever!

Had dinner at Menya, which we thought was the same restaurant as the one in Sydney. But only, this one is way better.  Love their little take away menus, have little coupons attached to it too. After having a decent meal, we went to this asian desert place where they have fairy floss like icecream! Worth it for its low price. :D

Then we head back to the hotel and did last minute hand stitching. Slept at around 1am.

Day 2 Saturday
Got out late! How typical of us! XD Didn’t wear the full costume before heading there too.

The ticket queue... was horrible. Like any other convention, the prepaid queue is always the longest. I suppose it’s the premium price you pay on the day that makes it express eh. I think it took us an hour to actually get our ticket and get into the venue.

I didn’t quite like how they have separate buildings for different things. Mainly because it’s extremely windy... apart from that, we missed out quite a lot of cosplays by staying at one location. D: It was interesting though, because of this separation, people inside the vendor hall didn’t really take pictures of cosplayers. Most cosplayers were loitering outside the buildings.

Didn’t get to take much before our wigs and costumes gets wracked.

On stage cosplay

Manifest Day 2 Sat Comp

There's actually more young people join in their early teens... and they sew their own costumes!!! O.O

Personal favourite
Manifest Day 2 Sat highlight

Found ourselves a Mitsubachi, pity he lives in Melbourne!

Our Katanagatari
Manifest Day 2 Prejudging

Left to right
Yasuri Shichika @ Haruki
Togame @ Kurako
Oshidori Maniwa @ Dewmelon
Yasuri Nanami @ Hehalana
Houou Maniwa @ Nabari (Myself! XD)

Also I thought I lost the sword covering, so I didn’t end up using a toy sword but Dewmelon’s long sword – but found it the next day. Hopefully I could use it for Animania! Found Kamakiri (Actually he found us! XD And picture was taken by him) to be at Sydney Animania too! <3

Day 3 Sunday
Casual day today. We were not fussed about getting there on time, so we went for pancake breakfast.

Apparently this is their 2nd Aegis ever in Melbourne convention! Was surprised at the amount of people who actually know about Persona 3 in Melbourne. Sydney had less people.

Got to walk around the Vendor hall and bought misc fan stuffs. Was very surprised to see a Professor Layton figurine. I would have bought him if he had Luke with him. I suppose Luke must have sold out on the first day. Apparently there’s a version of Layton sitting down having a coffee. Would love to get that figurine instead. <3

On Stage Cosplay
Manifest Day 3 comp

I had to say Sunday was made of FULL EPICNESS! SO MANY GROUP COSPLAYS! SO MANY SKIT COSPLAYS! IT WAS AWESOME! Best day of the convention ever! Though I won't be uploading the skits, I believe they're avaliable on Youtube regardless so go check them out yo! Pity they had the large screen for video on the side of the stage, so either you record the video or you record the stage... which makes it hard, since the cosplay skits were all so heavily based on the comments on the screen too. *sigh* I want a recording of EVERYTHING ARRRRGGGGHHHH.

Loved the last skit of Starish (UtaPuri)... I almost fangirled with the other cosplayers. :P The Otome fanbase is GROWING! YES! XD

Stayed until late at night for the cosplay winner announcement. They said 6:30pm, turns out we didn’t leave until 8:30pm-ish. During the wait, we watched AMV iron chief and the auctions. Very surprised that people would actually pay that kind of money for collecting all different passes. I would want to collect them too, but not particularly at a cost.

Day 4 Monday
Finally got to sleep in! Woke up around 8am, then get more bumming around, get dressed and ready for breakfast meet with Dewmelon! Had the Spanish breakfast which was abit too salty for my liking so earlier in the morning.

That is all! XD

Cosplay plan for Sydney Animania 2011
Saturday - Houou Maniwa Ver1.1+ from Katanagatari with 5 other Maniwani! :D (Our aim is to gather the 12 Maniwanis!)
Sunday – Tsukiko from Starry Sky with 2 Bishies! XD

See you there!

theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga


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I believe you were able to enjoy this event. You all had unique customs. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Re: ayuvi

XD I can't wait to see your Lavi and Utapri~ Which character are you doing? (Only recently started watching the anime :P)


CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU BOTH DAYS!!! :D Find a Lavi for Saturday and someone from Uta Pri on Sunday :)


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