[iPhone] 10 Billion Husbands

100 iku nin no Watashi no shujin...?

Whilst everyone in Australia and New Zealand were into Pokemon Go to collect Pokemons... I got into collecting husbands which was also released last week! lol

Brought to you by Masukachi. Known for mostly their Chou Himo Riron (See my post here) and 100 iku nin no Ore no Yome (10 Billion wives)... this time, the houchi game they released is the for girls version of the cute wives app, replacing them with cute husbands! XD Should I be anticipating a release of the "Ultimate Kept Man Life" for girls too?!

You don't need much reasons but just wanting to have 1 billion husbands! lol Read on to see the cute husbands!
I think we all know who is reall the ideal husband...

Tap on the screen (Path to love's abode) to hand in marriage registration to increase love meter with LPT (Love Per Tap). Once you accumulated enough love points, you could use it to marry another man. lol The more husband you have, the higher the LPS (Love per Seconds)!


Second component of the game includes gifting the husband, where the gift is unlocked (but required to be purchased with love points after too) at level 1, 20, 100 and 120 (This is reduced as you get to the higher level husbands).

* Make sure you come back every once in a while to get a new addition to your husband collection (Helps you earn more husband to be lol)!
* Use Husbandplus to permanently increase the LPS (Love per Seconds). It's better to have permanent increase than leveling individual husband! That said, one should gift as much as possible.
* Share on Twitter to earn 1 MRX3. The next available time to tweet is show after sharing.
* Watch ad (Note, this is different compared to the one that randomly pops up. You need to tap on the present icon to trigger this) to earn MRX3 where tapping will be tripled for 20 seconds. Highly recommended to use it upon higher level of LPT (Love Per Tap). I normally leave it on to idle and come back to level up the LPT, and then focus on tapping. Make each tap more worth while.
* Recommended unlocking most characters, then leveling all characters to level 100 to get rewards. Try to level up from bottom to up since the further down the husband list, the more love they contribute! It also really depends on weighing between the love requirement (If they cost similar love, then the preference should always be the husband that's further down the list).
* Ensure you check your achievement to further increase your LPS!

As a girl, I already enjoyed playing 100 Billion wives, so converting them into husband is like a bonus! XD Interestingly, they didn't release the titles in Japanese anymore! Suppose the general market for otome games mobile gamer are mostly from western countries? To be honest, I thought the style resembles the one in Notice me Senpai (See my post here), although the CGs in this one are consistent (It's probably the style of colouring).

I was slightly disappointed that there was only an CG at the end of the husband route (I need some story like they did with the ultimate kept man life! ). I'm down to unlocking the last two husbands... from the shadow it looks like a man in helmet wearing a jackpack and the last one looks exactly like the suit husband (He's probably gonna be the groom wearing a wearing suit)!

Play to learn more about your husbands!

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