[iPhone] Watashi no Riajuu Keikaku Henji Mattemasu!

My plan for satisfying real life (Waiting for his reply!)

Brought to you by SEEC inc! It's probably my favourite company to check back on for new apps (Quality assurance )! XD Much like my recent post on the messaging style gameplay Suki Nattara Make, except this one have the date story which includes an event CG and is fully voiced!!The waiting period is relatively short considering you have 3 characters to start off with.

Though you only starts with 3, you unlock the remaining 5 character silhouettes (8 in total!).

Hashino Natsuki (CV: Koshikawa Eisaku)
Kohinata Riku (CV: Uchimura Nobutaka)
Sawatary Yuu (CV: M&M Mondam)

Pending character voices to be unlocked - I will probably update their names later when I get to them!
Tsumori Takuma (CV: Igarashi Yuuki)
??? (CV: Gojappe)
??? (CV: Konogure)
??? (CV: Shigure Nao)
??? (CV: Chihara Yuu)

This is the guideline unlocked version! The normal game play have messages without the colour.

Enter your name for profile (Name was defaulted to Hana on mine but is changeable during gameplay so it doesn't really matter lol) and reply the character on Lime from the three answers provided! The choices ranges from bad (-4 love points), good (+2 love points) and excellent (+4 love points) which increases/decreases the love meter.

It takes around roughly 2 minutes per reply, but could be accelerated by the hearts in the health bar. Up to 8 hearts is stored, with each heart takes 15 seconds to recover. The health bar could also be recovered using item. Each character have 10 hearts to fill in order to immediately receive the reply.

Upon selecting the incorrect (Bad end and Bad end 2) / correct (Date story and After story) response during the flashing question, you will reached an ending. You can restart the route again in between the messaging by clicking onto the character icon and press restart, otherwise, restart is prompt upon an ending. Upon reaching the date story (I think it requires 75+ love points, this is to be confirm) for the route, the characters turns into Chibi on the photoboard (Until you restart the route, then it'll revert back to a photo)!

* Login daily to do scratchy bonus for special items to be used in game.
* Make sure you check to collect your rewards and also share on social media to get items to be used in game.
* If you have 20 gems, you could unlock the points guide (which shows each answer as bad, good and excellent. To be honest you won't be chosen bad or good answers upon getting this function! lol) per character. This is a permanent effect, so you could replay and selecting the specific answer that you want time after time.
* Feed the hearts to one character only. lol I tried to do it to multiple characters to the second last hearts, thinking it would have accelerated the waiting period. Turns out you need to complete it prior to receiving the message. However, the hearts will remains if you haven't filled it up until the next reply.
* Use up all the hearts prior to using item to recover the health bar (Although it only takes 15 seconds to recover 1 heart, every heart counts! XD).
* To avoid wasting too much time on the unlocking all the routes, there are guides out there if you look up via the Japanese title. Although that would kill the fun of playing it, so I would only recommend you do so after playing it through without any guidance.

The photoboard for the potential character routes makes me think Hana (Default heroine name) is a Nikushokukei Joshi, in which any character routes becomes her victims (As the title suggest, it is a "PLAN" after all).

For the date scenarios, I didn't like the fact that they didn't include Hana's reply between the character's... monologue (Guess it can't be dialogue unless there's more than one person talking right?). After hearing the sentence after the previous one did I thought of what Hana said. =w=; Although saying that, I did liked the fact that one event CG have various changes in terms of expression or slightly change of pose (I admit I'm loving the illustrations)! I haven't worked out how to unlock the After story yet since even after reaching 100% (Also to make it harder, the excellent answers are not always in the same spot - I notice it when I keep restarting to get the excellent answer, but on the side note I didn't bothered to write the best answers down ), I still got the Happy end (date story) scenario. orz

Will continue to try to unlock it... or I shall revert to online guides...

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