[Convention] Smash Artist Table!

Will be at Smash!

Reality hits me when it was just less than a week away from Smash (Have been making last minute cosplay details whilst actively pursuing the Trigger Last Dimension event on Idolish7 hence the delay)!!

Last minute post before the convention to be held on the 20-21st August 2016 at Rosehill Garden again!
I will be at the Table #150 called Otome Party with ZhenZhen! This year I tried to have more Otome game heroine chibis on the wall as part of the table name/banner...! Last year my plan was ruined when I went to get signatures... plus I missed my chance of meeting a fellow otome gamer! This year I hope to find more of you out there somewhere by luring you with familiar heroine faces...!

Talk about being organised, this was actually down for last year's smash but didn't get printed until this year. lol This year Hehelana helped me with the backgrounds so I actually do get some new stocks! lol

No sneak peak this time... since I only printed today. orz And it's all thanks to Ry-Spirit. (He's a life saver!)

No new name card either... so please take the residual Peach Maki name card from me. lol They're starting to be like her unsold CDs... orz

ZhenZhen have been actively posting updates so I'll refrain from double posting! Along our row next to us is Otakuma with Haruki who does various Shounen title prints (This year she have badges too!) and Animacha with Chacha's plushies made with love!

See you then!

Day 1: Kcalb from The Gray Garden with Wodahs, Arbus, Ater and Ivlis! It's been a while since our big group set on a title!
Day 2: Asashina Kyoya (Default) from Yumeiro Cast with Sousei and Jin! Slowly going through my want to cos Otome game listing! XD

Next convention will be Animaga! So I don't think I'll have time to write another post before then...


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