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@ Rosehill Garden

It's been a while since I last posted! Been lazy and have been relaxing abit. Here's the Convention report for 20th - 21st August 2016 (Yes it's a backlog)!

Saturday - The Gray Garden
Wodahs @ Bambi
Ivlis @ Haruki
Arbus @ Kurako
Ater @ Celnyan
Kcalb @ Nabari

Sunday - Yumeiro Cast
Tachibana Sousei @ Haruki
Amamiya Jin @ Bambi
Asashina Kyoya @ Nabari

You see I'm slowly going through my want to cos Otome game listing! XD

As usual I'll start from the Friday night (Since there wasn't much progress before that due to the Idolish7 Event for Trigger's Last Dimension and I was lucky enough to get that card - although not via ranking but total score combined)!

Collected print and borrowed the paper trimmer off from Ry late at night just before dinner. The paper trimmer (Refurbished! ) really did helped to quicken the process! I laminated some chibis then I headed for bed and it was abit after midnight. For once... I didn't style the wig before bed.

Woke up early and headed out at 7am! Arrived to the venue and managed to park at P1 for the first time ever (Although looking at the parking, I should have been able to park at P1 and not P3 last year...)! Since ZhenZhen collected our pass before hand, we managed to park, then headed straight to the table for set up. After approximately 45 minutes of set up we went to get changed into our cosplay. Although the early opening was 9 am and the fact that I return to the table after it, I felt more organised by arriving to set up the table earlier and not prep for cos before hand!

Smash16 Table
For the first time in forever that I managed to take a proper table picture!!!

Here's a picture of our table (after being set up and still full of stocks)! The Otoge heroine around the table name planned was a success (My regret of not being able to take a full table shot with all the heroine on the wall since last year returning to the table after getting a signature)! WOOT! Further, they managed to lure fellow otome gamers to the table who started to name the series. I met Ina and Ayu on the day who knew most of the characters except for Nana from Ejikoi! Probably too indie to know it! We chatted for some time until Haruki told me that they were Chacha's friends (Someone should have told me earlier before I embarrass myself lol).

Smash16 Selfie
Another one of those rare selfies that I do... if only I was cosplaying as a Otoge characters on the same day too. TAT I got given cookies from Ina because I was going to cosplay as Kyoya on Sunday.

I went to the Vendors looking for some otoge goodies since I didn't have much luck at the artist tables, and I was thrilled to come across Idolish 7 --- Trigger goodies! I did mentioned to Kaya and Akimi before that I wanted to make a Tenn itabag since playing it late last year when there wasn't that many merchandise around. I quickly raided the Tenn goodies (Wonderful news that they do unblind box too, how awesome are they?!), until the sales staff pass me the last item... of Mezzo. Later I was transferred to the female sales since the guy sales was scared of me. lol That aside, I was wondering around with Mangosally playing blind boxes. We need to work out the logic to them so that we don't waste anymore money. TAT

Back to the table after spreeing,. more stocks were added (Little amounts since my friend complained about how I was still talking every time they either walked pass to say hi but managed to add some. haha) and I was able to tie the ribbons to new merchandises as I go (Last year I forgot the hole puncher).

Just before the end of the day, we saw Chichi with her boyfriend (Who later become her finace that night grats!)! It's been so long since our first cosplay together as members of Katanagatari, we just refer each other as the character names. XD I got upgraded from Houou to Houou Sama. haha

Dinner that night we crashed the dinner with another group so again, we saw familiar faces whom we haven't seen for a while. Namely our Luka-Nee - BrendaScarlet! XD And having not talked for a while now I learn that we both like the Taisho period style!

We decided to get to the venue around 7:30am again so that we could get the signature token. Since Smash did the night around on Saturday, people were later than usual, making the signature queues relatively easy (Although we had to walk out of the building in circles the few times for different signatures), despite only 5% of artist could get the signature token. There were significantly less people on Sunday... I wonder if it's just generally there is no need for a two day Convention, or if everyone just went to Cherry Blossom festival?

So... where are the group photos...? It was pretty much non existence. orz I did managed to capture two Tenn (Season 1 and Season 2 version!) running around on Sunday both with a Ryuu (Why is there no Gaku...), first pair I asked they asked me back if I would like to be Gaku! lol I want Gaku x Tsumigi!

Smash Maid Cafe
Smash16 Maid Cafe
3 Sets of food!

Slightly disappointed that they didn't write anything on our plate, although we did the magic and all. I think it'll be handy to know what gets writing or not. =3= Regardless, we got some good take away as part of the 10 years anniversary! The theme was fairy tale and the dresses were in cute pastel colours. The food quality was decent, except our Chicken Katsu curry rice had minimal curry and the rice were dry. Apart from that there was a decent amount of chicken katsu so that was good. Haha Desserts weren't bad either, so I enjoyed it. The Ramune I normally get because the Butler/Maid normally opens it for us... for some reasons, this year they skipped that for us also. So the overall experience as Hehalana said was just so-so, and this is coming from Hehelana who have been working at Smash Maid cafe for the past many many years. Perhaps because she was a ex staffs so they went too easy on us? For the first time ever, neither one of us wanted a polaroid with the maids... orz

Smash16 Yumeiro
My usual full body shot on my low res phone with my buddy Haruki as Sousei! Thanks for sticking around and pull off Sousei relatively last minute! (I'm tempted to ps your tie but I decided that I'll leave it for now so that you will get to do it next time). =w=

Smash16 Loot
My loot over the weekend! I've cut down on spending just on prints nowadays... want to focus on making my second itabag! And I've finally decided the second bag will be on Tenn from Trigger, which is the rival group from Idolish7!

Smash16 Polaroid
Polaroids taken with my cosplay groups!

Surprisingly, there were quite a lot of people who recognise us as characters from The Gray Garden (In disbelieve, I had to ask if they knew what we were cosplaying. lol), though not necessary remember all the names of the characters. The Gray Garden print sold more than the other print during the weekend to my surprise!

On a positive note, there were a few people who gave positive comments on my art, spoke to a few Kanato fans (I thought everyone just loves Shuu from Diabolik Lovers, so it was a highlight! lol), Gray Garden fans and Yumeiro Cast fans. There were countless of fangirls on Jin which annoys me abit (and Bambi did quite a good job cosplaying him) - since I see too much of his UR cards in my collection when I really wanted Kyoya/Kaito/Hinata (Order by preference)! I was also glad to learn that few past customers who bought my prints/zines in previous years dropped by again and bought the new zine... etc etc. So... I SOLD OUT all my Zines! YES! Time to "plan" my next original Zine for next year's Zine fair! Was going to do the Red Riding Hood spin of story for Ringo and Ookami but delayed due to a friend who haven't give me a full body reference for my Lemon Chan (Characters was part of our art trade)!


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