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Brought to you by Air Jaune and released under Kan Akuzawa! I haven't come across a fully voiced app in a while. As usual, I'm bias for the voices apps when it comes to processing backlogs (as they get write up easily due to the lack of story).

I did abit of look up on the character design as it reminded of Yukihiro Utako's style, but suppose it's really just the commercial style nowadays. The characters are illustrated by Yamamoto Kana, whose known for her doujinshis in the circle Negahyst on some popular shounen titles in the past...

Read on for the short time killer app for long train travel time!
This cover picture pretty much set the scene for the prologue!

Basically listening to drama CDs on phone - but with a focus on comedy theme. lol That said most of the members have outstanding personalities... Plus they're pretty loud, so it's not like your normal otome drama CDs (Probably more like radio). XD

Player is introduced to the Dentou Geinou Gora Kenkyubu (Traditional talent Entertainment investigation Club) and was greeted by the members of the club. They specifically introduce the characters of the club by the character ordering (or what they call numbers) on the profile page. lol I think it was handy since you don't get to see characters whilst the are talking non stop.

I was slightly disappointed that they can't have the function to include reading the Japanese alphabets... lol I do want to be called.

There is multiple routes with the minimal options (just two) offered. They even made a tsugomi that players could not tell them their name due to system failure. That said they have another round of discussion of what to call the players by Hanako or Jennifer (foreign name?!) or default name (surname and name)! Then it went off to how individual characters' preference in the name to call players. XD Unfortunately my name wasn't that common so I wasn't called. Haha

Kaname maki (CV: Tamaru Atsushi)
Shiratori Takuto (CV: Saito Soma)
Nagumo Ryuu (CV: Fujiwara Yuki)
Umehara Akira (CV: Yashiro Taku)
Iwai Hapinesu (CV: Yamashita Daiki)
Shiozawa Kazuyuki (CV: Chiba Shouya)

The uniforms are colour coded from yellow for senior high 1st year, red for 2nd year and green for third year. I don't really know why would any school do the different colour ties/pants for each class year (It's pretty common in otoge)... oh wait, get people to buy new uniform.

Do check out the character profile, particularly Takuto's since there's a few different character introductions so it does differ when you press on the CV. I tried to do the same for other characters but I think only his one you get more...? @.@ Not that I'm complaining since I do like Saito's voice (Rem from dance with devils and Tenn from Idolish7). The only down side is that I didn't really feel the power of the "Dummy Headphone" in this one. Otherwise adding the name calling aspect - would have been a highlight for some. lol

I didn't get the prince vibe to be honest. lol Although it was mentioned that if they were prince then players are princess... I probably prefer the title to be called Comedy Kareshi more. =3=

I was relatively surprised by the length of the track! The prologue took approximately 15 mins? I didn't specifically time the duration, but it kind of just went on and on. Haha

Although to continue one would need to pay a monthly fee of 360yen. Regardless, one could continue to listing to the first 5 mins of latest tracks for free (You know when the message comes up and them saying that in order to continue you need to become the comedy deluxe member)! That said, do check out the app from time to time (they update weekly and it's currently up to chapter 3!).

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