[iPhone] Ejikoi! Egypt Kami to Koishiyo Idol Hen

Eji 1000% koi (Love)!

Could you believe that a sequel have been released for this game filled with Tsugomi!?!

Brought to you by Goodia Inc!This time the theme surrounds a music talent production company! Main story flows with interesting adventures they come across as a group such as landed to a uninhabited island, time slips, towards the roads of becoming the top idol group! It was interesting to see all the cast from season 1 (Whether they were main characters or not lol).

Read on if you enjoyed the first game (See my post here) and wanted more. On a side note, they added in extra story to game 1, so click on the top left hand corner to read the special Collab King of Egypt - which is made up of various quiz on the film with answers that couldn't have been more obvious... you get 3 hearts upon correctly answering all the questions. This is the same for game 2, rewards are valid for once only!

Idol x Nana = i7! XD

Ikuda Nana (Name changeable) is a newbie working for 716 (Nile) Production company. As soon as she started her work there, she was assigned by Producer Raa to look after a debuting idol unit M.P.5, a group consist of 5 members with unique personalities but with one common goal, which is to perform on the 716 Station...


Novel style Otome game. Choose from the options (3 being the maximum at any one time). Unlike the first game, I think most players are used to the weird outcomes so I wasn't taken by surprised.

There are 30 CGs in total between the 5 routes and group CGs! With most of them just for trolls. lol I'm playing in the hope to see Horus's human face again! I mean come on, childhood friend route (That and he was the first option in profile and CG!)!

Not too bad for a Free game! Though Side story could be purchased upon clearing main story.

* Play at least every 1 hour for each story ticket do recover! You get maximum of 5 free story tickets per cycle!
* Share daily on Twitter for additional 1 story ticket!
* Watch ad daily to get extra story ticket!
* Make sure you save! I learnt it the hard way. lol Felt like a waste to start all over! Many may not notice, but just by tapping the first save field allows you to save!! They really should allow us to close the window in front of it. =3=
* Make sure you turn on the Heart Effect! Hearts will be shown when you have chosen the answer that will increase the love meter for the particular route!

I like it how everything is named 716 (Nile)! lol The visit to 716 Village part reminds me of Kumamiko Girl meets Bear! XD Guess that's the standard ways to promote the group with vegetables. Also converting to the naming convention for Metube as Youtube.

Relating back to season 1, the same BGM was used in this one... although I did hope for something different (Like a theme song they sing to, I'll even be happy with just music). XD It was good to see that they retain the childhood friend relationship for Nana and Horus. Bastet became Nana's room mate and is a close friend from high school does feels like carry forward from season 1. Medjed still kills you off whenever it comes to Osiris as he did in season 1, but I had to say since he have become an idol, it is more toned down. lol That or I've gotten too used to being killed by Medjed since the last game.

Grats on landing on a named role nameless classmate from game 1!!

It was hilarious to see the poor Saito Takeshi (He was the nameless student from Game 1! Suppose he got upgraded too! lol) got to be the manager of the what he called - wild type idol group - GORI Yume.

So godly...!

Apart from the familiar faces, some new characters including Toto whose one of the main routes was introduced. But I had more interested in Seto, the rival idol with the ex manager of M.P.5 Nephthys (He reminds me of Gaku from Trigger and the rest of course are Idolish7 members. OK, maybe I'm abit addicted to i7 at the moment. lol)!!

Currently I have only cleared abit of the each routes, but not to the love level to get to the Happy endings (Normal ends and bad ends were easy). So I'd probably have to look for a walk through for Horus's route soon (I do hope to see his human form again *fingers crossed*).

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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