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Brought to you by Cheritz Co. Ltd! Have been seeing a few posts around and the general idea I got is that the characters makes alot of tsugomi comments to one another in terms of the flirts directed to the heroine from characters. haha

It's interesting to see that they're the same company that did PC game Nameless, which is another otome game!! I see green lights for their future products!

This post is mostly spoiler free (Doesn't even have character thoughts) as I haven't gotten to the detail story... lol

You opened the app Mystic Messenger and received a message from an unknown person who requires your help to find the owner of the mobile phone he picked up. He asked you to go to the address and enter the room. Once you got into the room, you entered the group chat with a group of strangers who are part of an organisation called RFA (Rika's Fundaraising Association). With trust issues cleared by V, you were invited to be the party planner in place of their previous member Rika who used to live in the room you entered...


Order by my preference... lol

Messaging functions.

The basic gameplay is a visual novel in the form of interactive messaging app (Chat system gives you various answers to choose from which will give you more commonly hearts or some occasions hourglasses). You could receive texts (One off responses and will give you extra heart if you answer with a good response) / phone calls (Voiced in Korean, allows you to understand more about the characters personality) and select your responses to progress through the story and deepen the relationship with the characters. There is also an email function for inviting guests that were mentioned during the live chats, which you will need to successfully convince them to go via 3 emails exchange.

The basic game last for 11 days and is split into Casual route , deep route, and after story.

As it's based on Real Time, to get the full story, you need to be playing every 1-2 hours to participate in the chat room and picking up phone calls... that or you have alot of hourglass.

The choice of the response ranges from nice / thirsty / troll responses. lol

* 30 Hourglasses per account as starter. Use it wisely otherwise, just create another account. Deep Route can be unlocked with 80 hour glasses and afterstory costs 100 hourglasses, hence I would retain the 30 hourglass that was given per account and work my way to it.
* Save before you enter a chatroom, so you could reload if you chose the wrong reply.
* Pick up as much phonecalls as possible (You have 10 seconds to pick it up!).
* Reply the text messages to get more hearts.
* You could convert 100 heart for 1 Hourglass.
* Invite as many as possible guests that were mentioned in the chat (Unless it upsets the route you're going for).
* Convo needs to be read (signed off as achieved) before the next convo could be viewed and upon the time release.
* On the main menu if you see the character avatar have orange colour, it means they have updated their timeline.

Within my group of friends, I'm considered one of those spammers that floods the conversation with either many short messages or with pictures. So playing this game makes me understands the pain to catch up with messages. lol Thank god for their speedup functions and no time limit to selecting a response! I didn't quite get the point that they don't know what each other looks like when majority uses their own faces (including myself using the heroine default dp) to be used on the chat room anyway. lol Also, the different fonts have been bugging me. lol I'm sure if the messenger was in original language it would have been the same font...

There are alot of other things to enjoy through the game. Decent amount of beautifully illustrated CGs pending to be unlocked. Animated character stickers and products names you could relate to in real life with a change of name (Gray station and Zet Box) between the convo. I really like the opening song despite not knowing the lyrics. lol It had that Persona style (upbeat) vibe to it. Listening to the phone calls in Korean definitely didn't have the same impact for me as supposed to Japanese seiyuus. I did check out the videos on Youtube with the interview with the voice actors, but to be honest I couldn't really tell the difference between characters except for their personality within their voice. Though saying that I did thought about learning Korean might help me enjoy it more, but I don't even have time to play it real time. lol I'm sure their names would have some deep meanings, as with the story line that you will unfold as the days progress.

Since I installed it on my iPad, I didn't have much luck with going on character specific routes. Although saying that I think I did gain more progress with the guest. lol Temporary I'll treat it as my way to earn some hourglasses... since I do want to play the game fully but just that I'm not very good at the real time gameplay... my bias 707 and Jumin, I'll get to you eventually. orz

Thou shall spend 11 sleepless nights or you could use hourglass to participate in the sleeping time convo. lol Meanwhile, I shall enjoy the fanarts on the internet...

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