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Sanrio in Otome Game Style!

Brought to you by Cybird! The long waited mobile game release (lol Not really since the preregister date and the actual released date wasn't that long) of the heated Twitter topic Sanrio x Ikemen Characters with characters in normal life situations and showing off Sanrio characters related merchandise!

It's almost as if Gijinka, except they don't take on the appearance or personality of the characters they love. Scenario goes off from the manga adaptation by Andou Mai but still share the same romance theme. Sanrio Boys is made up of five high school students who each loves a unique Sanrio character...

Read on Sanrio fans!
Surprisingly Hello Kitty isn't the main character although her merchandise are like everywhere. Not that I'm complaining since I do like Pudding more... XD

There is a saying among the student that if you get confessed under the Promise Tree on a windy day, your love will be promised.

On the first day into your second year of high school, you picked up a very cute Pudding Dog pen cap which you believe belongs to your classmate Hasekawa Yuuta who sits next to you. You went to the student council room in order to return the pen cap, but was challenged why you thought it belongs to him. Having said that you have taken note of him using them in class, and there was no need to be ashamed of liking something regardless of gender. One of the Senpai Mizuno Yuu asked if you happened to like Sanrio characters too. Turns out, the group gathered after school because they are the Sanrio Boys - boys who loves Sanrio characters! Although you admit you don't have merchandise like they do, but you have interests in the Sanrio characters since you were young. Who will you want to learn more about Sanrio characters from?

Hasekawa Kota (CV: Eguchi Takuya) / Pom Pom Purin
Mizuno Yuu (CV: Saito Soma) / My Melody
Minamoto Seiichiro (CV: Uchida Yuma) / Cinnamoroll
Nishimiya Ryo (CV: Kagura Hiroyuki) / Little Twin Stars
Yoshino Shunsuke (CV: Osuka Jun) / Hello Kitty

It all started with the pen cap...

Visual novel style with 5 free story ticket daily. The story are partially voiced and few CGs here and there. There are also voiced

Each answer will increase the points towards the ending, either Happy or sweet. I normally deem the right hand side of the meter the harder part to achieve. lol

* Login daily to get special voiced welcome from each character (Limited time only).
* Collect/Redeem all your presents!
* Refrain from spending all your medals on the useless gacha... as you only have a maximum of 10 items per household... Unless you want to pay extra for storage. I didn't have room to fit all the chibi avatar of all the boys. Should be selective with the boys avatars since they'll never expire!
* Add as many friends as possible (Maximum of 50) for coin bonus. My friend code: P7R6U4SBP You'll need to get all the coin purchase items so they;ll be handy to have anytime! Thank god for the "Good" to all friends button!
* Attack the weak ones... for avatar. lol Increase your chance to hear the voiced line of the character (Even if it's just the sentence over and over again lol) and higher stats. On a side note... all these voices are available on their website under each character profile. lol

I find it funny how heroine was asked which Sanrio character she likes the most, but was only thinking about the boys that likes the Sanrio characters. lol Typical otome games. Currently they released only three characters which are Kota, Yuu and Seiichiro. The main ones are them anyway... XD Personal favourite is Kota. Although I do like Yuu's appearance (he's probably the most uniquely designed character hence he had more role in the manga adaptation!) and Shunsuke for liking Hello Kitty. Personally I think Yuu should swap with Ryo their Sanrio characters... due to Yuu having a sibling that pretty much looked like a girl version of him. lol

I must say the promise tree is really redundant. It just suits the classic high school romance theme, but honestly, I think the location should be set to Sanrio Land. XD And the way the could make more money out of this is probably having codes for each merchandise you buy for ingame "points" currency...! That would increase their Sanrio merchandise sale as with in game for heroine. lol After meeting the boys she spree onto Sanrio goods in order to improve her relationship with them. lol

I would like to see a boy that likes Gudetama, though I doubt they'll introduce anymore characters unless they do a season 2 spin off. lol The theme song will be done by Elements Garden (Geez I haven't seen that name in a little while in my normal gameplays) and with School festival and Birthday events to come! Guess that's something to look forward to.

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