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Brought to you by HarvesT/BBB Corporation! 6 years since the original otome game released, I have been eyeing on the title for a while (due to the illustrated by Pako!) but never got around to it... since I wasn't a big Otome gamer on family TV. lol And now that the anime was aired from July 2016 I figure it's time I head into it! Plus it's now an rhythm game on tablet!

Read on for Hero (Rangers/Rider) x rhythm game!
The Rangers! Riders!

Sets in the Blue world, Asagi Akira (Name Changeable) is a young newbie instructor who was sent to the Ryuukyuu LAG, a defense facility on the islands of Ishigaki and Iriomote. There she meets 6 Scared Rider Xech (aka Riders) with the X mark on their hands, who helps defend the threat - Nightfly O'Note - from the Red (Aka) world. She will decide who the fated one is...

Komae Christoph Yosuke (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Kirisawa Takt (CV: Miyano Mamoru)
Tsuga Yuji (CV: Kondou Takashi)
Kurama Hiro (CV: Shimono Hiro)
Suzuki Kazuki (CV: Takahashi Hiroki)
Mutsuki Hijiri (CV: KENN)

Fernandes (CV: Takemoto Eiji)
Lespaul (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
Deviser (CV: Koyama Rikiya)
Duesenberg (CV: Takahashi Naozumi)
Rickenbacker (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)
Epiphone (CV: Fujiwara Yuuki)

Sub Character
Amakas Souichirou (CV: Yusa Kouji)

You get to choose your partner, which will appear and greet you on the home screen. The voiced sentence will change as your relationship deepens with the character. Further, there is special days that you hear special voiced sentences. You could change partner anytime! I didn't like how they didn't give you sample voice prior to choosing but knowing that you could change it anytime made me abit more relieve. lol The story mode allows you to read the story as visual novel style. But in order to unlock the character stories, you need to play the rhythm game and increase the relationship with the character.

My bias!

With over 20+ songs, they are split into 3 categories Easy / Normal / Hard. You use a team of 3 character (Include substance) support cards (Set up per character. That said, you can't mix character cards) + 1 support card from Guest / Friend. Generally the Hard involves slide and hold and requires you to press more keys more frequently, but one could still pass the Hard level since I find the rating is relatively generous. The ordering of the support card always list the highest level of the type first. The types are Tension / Love / Death. The character cards ranges from anime screenshots to CD covers and various illusts.

I was relatively surprised by the number buttons I need to press... orz they said it's guitar but it looked more like piano to me, but the music is definitely rock style. XD

* Add me! Friend id: akvo4soj
* Collect presents/rewards and use the Friend points (FP) to get as much cards as possible. Don't forget to update the card sets to stronger cards!
* Get free card with FP daily!
* Do the Ryuukyuu gacha daily, as it uses only 2 instead of normal 5.
* Set up individual card set for Tension / Love / Death for each characters. Makes it easier to find the highest battle points for each songs.
* Read the stories once unlocked, as it gives you 1 Ryuukyuu.

The pictures load slower than my other rhythm game app, but I must say... have improved abit since the last update.

One can't help but think about Power rangers (those colour coding of members) and Kamen Riders (That bike that they ride, slightly disappointed they're all the same colour bikes )! Majority of their songs are leaning towards rock bands, which makes it different compared to the otome rhythm games that I have been playing. There are dialogues in between the song, suppose that's what gets the girls playing the game (since we're all voice addicted)...?

My favourites are Hijiri, Hiro and Yosuke! I could be slightly bias with the colours... haha White, Pink and Red rangers are normally my favourites. XP I don't normally like guys that's flirty... but I like Hijiri probably because he doesn't flirt with all the girls. lol I also like Hiro probably because I'm bias for shouta characters... but his substance is also pretty cute (Go pink!) and Yosuke mostly because he is the main character. :P

On the anime side of things, unlike most otome game, you get to see more of the story than any character romance development. I thought Takt was more serious from appearance but he ended being mistaken for alot of things. lol He was pretty much the closest of having some romance with the Akira... follow by Yosuke, but he doesn't really do anything! Personally, I would like to see more Hijiri x Akira. *sob* Looking at the colour schemes, I think Akira would be the yellow ranger (Her surname!). Sadly we don't get to see her transforming. lol I know it's not that kind of anime.

Whilst not battling the Nightfly O'Note, the riders have their own band Odd-I's, which is indeed ODD. Felt like one of those idol otome games... but is only briefly touched on. orz I would like to think like the songs have impact on the battling against Nightfly O'Note or allows them to merge with their substance as seen in the Macross series.

I think the anime was abit rushed, probably should have done as 24 episodes instead of half of that. I suppose the anime was more for seeing them doing the Magical girl transformations... and abit of band jamming. But otherwise, I have higher hopes with the remaining stories from the game more...

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