[Cosplay] Animaga!

@ Melbourne Showgrounds

Just a week after Smash weekend and into next convention already! These conventions are making us all work hard. lol Backdated to 27th - 28th August 2016!

This year Animaga was held at a memorable location - Melbourne Showgrounds - a place where Manifest once was, where we met a few close group friends. I was partially there at the artist alley as I was sharing with Haruki and ZhenZhen on Table #15 Otakuma! But mainly at the vendor table Animacha helping out a friend, so this post will be about my Vendoring experience instead of my usual artist table thoughts! (Apologies for the misleading name on Twitter with the table number... lol)

Saturday - The Gray Garden
Yosafire @ Dewmelen
Wodahs @ Bambi
Ivlis @ Haruki
Ater @ Kurako
Kcalb @ Nabari

Sunday - Marginal#4 (Wonder Corona Ver)
Kira @ Haruki
Tsubasa @ Dewmelen
Manager/Yue @ Imon
Atom @ Nabari
I managed to have abit of new stock after Smash, with special thanks to all my friends with majority of the credit goes to Chacha with the godly scissors cutting skills whose speed is like a brand car Ferrari (whilst I'm just a little family car), Kurako for organising the new chibis in the folder and Celnyan, Haruki and Bambi for minding the table on and off. What have I been doing at the table you ask? Mostly talking to people or just tying ribbons onto the Chibi Bookmarks! It's alot of hands on work! XD

Slowly arrived to the venue after lunch and stocking the fridge up with some refreshments and fruits. Then headed to assist with Vendor setup! Since it was spread over two booth... the amount of stock was huge compared to my normal half artist tabling. XD Not to mentioned the amount of various different titles... being a OCD made me tried to put everything of the same type at one place. lol The good thing about helping with table set up was checking out merchandise earlier than other people. XD I was pretty impressed once we have finished with table setup.

We also helped out with putting the pictures into frames for the gallery for Tony Taka and ANIMAREAL. By the time we finished it was around 8 so we headed off for dinner then rest for the rest of the night.

Arrived later than the starting time... mostly due to the travel time to the venue. I was abit disappointed to see the amount of people who doesn't tap on or off for the tram. I mean... it's not even expensive. We dropped our baggage and headed over to the vendor area. Too many items too fewer eyes. My eyes were going everywhere, trying to keep an eye out for the merchandise... haha I only managed to do so for the phone charms and the blind box section which I have more knowledge over and that said, I was standing on that side of the stall most of the day. Whilst Kurako was located on the other side of the table in charge of... towels, pillows and dakimakura. lol It wasn't too long until reinforcements arrived which was good. Then we headed out of the vendor area to go to Maid Cafe which ended up being switched to 3pm from noon. By chance I bumped into Imon in the toilet (Typical place to bump into anyone really) who was about to head off for signatures. We stayed around the other hall watching the panels until we were caught by our friends Dewmelen and Bambi who were exploring the venue.

Animaga16 Sat Yosafire
Look at the amount of details Dewmelen spent on Yosafire! lol I could always learn something off from her everytime we do group cosplay. Great inspiration! XD Kurako holding her tail and Bambi's legs which made its way to the corner of the photo. lol

I ended up staying outdoor at the itasha area talking to friends until it was time for Maid Cafe! We order food but it wasn't clear to us what gets magic / written contents to be honest. We didn't end up booking in for Hitomi service and were placed the furthest away from the "stage", but by chance, the Anya maid there asked Hitomi for help so we got premium @Home maid magic for our drinks! Interestingly... all maid cafes seems to use the very same magic. From what I gathered, the longer the magic, the more authentic it is! lol We could all tell that Bambi was on Cloud 9 (Or Heaven since he was an Angel for the day) when this miracle happened.

Animaga16 Maid Cafe
The omurice was average due to the rice and my cake portion was relatively massive. lol But the whole service made up for it (I mean that's what Maid cafe is all about isn't it?!), so thumbs up to them.

Back at the vendoring (I'm not always out of the table, I did help abit lol), we managed to restock/priced items. It was interesting to see what was selling well there. I was relatively surprised by the amount of money people spend on figurines... I still haven't gotten to that point where I'll spend over $100 for a non posable figure.

I walked around the artist alley later and hang with various artist friends to see how they were going. We managed to squeeze in for a last minute sticker photo at the end of the day. Someone need to remind us that green haired characters should not be in the sticker booth. lol

Animaga16 Sat purikura
Post Photoshop edit the hair colour for Yosafire.

That night we had dinner at Lygon street, and without any surprises, the parking and the place are packed as usual. During the dinner I was pretty much out of the convo with my friends since I was catching up with Imon and managed to drag her into last minute cosplay as our Marginal#4 group manager Yue since I saw the pink jacket in Dewmelen's car (Plus she was interested lol)!

Arrived to the venue around the same time as Saturday, but there was alot less attendees today. Went to get signature token for Tony because it was my ultimate goal for the trip. lol There were panels on however I was hanging with Chacha and getting to know the vendoring life. lol I found out that there are so much problems with being a vendor. It's pretty much the same as artist tabling, but the size of the problem magnifies.

Met up with Imon and had sticker photos taken. Turns out there was a special price if we were to take more than one sticker photo! So I did the sticker photo alone with Imon then a group one! We had massive mobile Otoge catch up and also looking at each others cards. lol And Haruki had a blast mostly because Furuya San was there at the table and wanted her print! I didn't get a good picture of what happened since we were originally busy chatting outside the table. Haven't seen Haruki fangirl so bad, it was a rare sight. lol

Animaga16 Sun purikura
I'll refrain from posting too much Marginal#4 sticker photos. lol here's one of us in rotation to be in the center of the picture.

I queue for the Tony Taka's signature for our copy of the Shining World airports. Got him to sign Hehalana's and my name on it. But... Hehalana said it was best not to have put her name on since if you briefly glance at it it reads CHING... orz It (problems) seems to happen whenever I'm the one in charge of getting signatures. If there was more time I'm sure he would want to flip through the artbook even if it's the Overseas (English) edition. TwT We really like his Shining Wind series, but due to copyright issues he wasn't allowed to bring some merchandise over.

Near the end of the day since we ran out of things to do. We started gambling with blind boxes. I couldn't really find any that I wanted to gamble with that I feel comfortable getting any of the characters... lol and I wanted mostly just Idolish7 (Trigger) merchandise now anyway, so I ended up gambling on Amnesia. Got Shin... but much prefer to get Orion. orz

Interestingly I managed to have quite abit of selfie taken with strangers than being asked for a full body photo? Even though this is my improved version of the cos (Particularly on the pants)! lol I really doubt if anyone knew what we were cosplaying as during Animaga since the Marginal#4 anime was postpone to early next year! D: (Plus this version was the CD jacket for Wonder Corona!) I guess the upside is that we get to wear it again next year.

Managed to see Fudafu having a table at the artist alley by chance! Wasn't expecting it but surprise sighting! XD Guess I'll see her more often going forward.

We tour around the Melbourne CBD and visiting all the anime merchandise stores there are (for blind boxes) as our primary objective, since we needed to burn some money or bad luck. lol I managed to find Shining series artbooks but they were of the later series which wasn't Shining Wind. Would have sold well if they took it to sell at Animaga.

Animaga16 Loot
My loot from Melbourne! Didn't really get anything from Artist tables...

Bambi did most of the blind boxes, and I was obliged to do one too. After the whole morning/early afternoon wandering, I ended up gambling on the K Project blind box. I got Suoh... although I don't mind Suoh (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou!), I would rather get Fushimi or Misaki. orz But the charm I got was very interesting as I get to swap the faces (Happy and normal face), that's when I realised why they didn't do the female character range with the lot.

Overall it was an enjoyable convention. The highlight is always being able to actually get close to guests. Not to mention the guests panels are pretty good too (Although I don't go to all of it). Vendoring life is definitely not what I wanted. I think I prefer to really just go there and enjoy the convention over tabling. Also a review of where we're staying next time since we figure service apartments seems to be the way to go. lol


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