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My Post Con Monday - is full of stars orz

My head was pretty much spinning when I woke up this morning. In actual fact, didn't get to sleep much last night. orz Probably during the hot and windy weather, when we were doing outdoor Starry Sky (Winter) shoot during lunch time of Animania Sunday?
I'll type a Animania report later when I get photos from my friends. :D

Sadly today I didn't get to go to the city with Dewmelon and Haruki... but they spammed me with a lot of otome game related pictures which I feel alot better after looking at them. lol Thought I'd share them! :D

#1 Utapri~~~ <3 Yes it's only 1/2 of the group... they'll probably have the other 1/2 in the next issue. orz

#2 Starry Sky~! I think it's the Tears of Polestar: Another Story promo picture!? Would be great to do a cosplay of this! <3 AND TSUKIKO IS IN IT TOO! lol

#3 Hakuouki merchandise news... I wasn't please when I saw Sanosuke there... until I saw the news underneath! <3 lol I asked Haruki to help me find Kazama's box at Kino.
udata (2)

#4 KAZAMA BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I LOVE YOU GUYSSSS! <33333333333333

Apart from this, I'm getting closer and closer to finish Edgeworth 2!!! lol Spent the whole day in bed playing with NDS when I should be resting.

That's all for now... I should sleep. :P


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