[3DS] Yokai Watch 2 Bony Spirits / Fleshy Souls Demo

My play history on Yokai Watch 2 Demo

I downloaded the Demo prior to heading to EB Expo just the last weekend that have past. I was hoping to know what game Demos were available so that I don't waste my time at the Expo! lol Not that Nintendo included Yokai Watch 2 this year at the Expo though - probably because the hype was more with Pokemon Sun / Moon.

Abit image heavy. lol I can't contain my excitement for Fuyunyan...!
Yokai Medal Watch 2!

Nate was at his Grandma's place at Harrisville where all of a sudden the Donut he bought for Grandma grew in size. Jibanyan, Whisper and Nate follow the flying donut to the old storage warehouse that was next to the house and out came a Yokai called Meganyan...!

* General mission in the demo is to speak to Grandma, chase the donut, find the Yokai and battle Meganyan.
* Ignore the mission in order to explore the map and do test the other game play!


* You have a team of 6 which are on level 12. It is impossible to win against Arachnus (At the shrine) or Toadal Dude (Outside the Tunnel). They pretty much KO your Yokai in one hit.
* Test the Yokai Watch Blasters! It comes with 2 Yokai that's not on your team - plus they're on level 50!
* Don't invest too much time on the Demo as there is nothing to carry forward in the real game!

The demo feels the main story relates heavily to the movie (Fuyunyan/Hovernyan/Meganyan is the main Yokai boss in the demo!) but the actual game's introduction isn't - at least where I was up to anyway (See my post here http://gratefullove.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-257.html).

A few new add ons were noted compare to the first game:

* Battle system with M skill by switching the Yokai watch to Zero version watch!


* There's a new way to fill up the attack gauge - via turning the clock!


* Yo-kai Watch Blasters, where the player could play up to a team of 4 to try to get all the spirit before the Oni gets to your chosen Yokai! I tried a little bit of it and it was interesting how you (Yokai) could now attack the Yokai! Much like Pokemon Dungeon I would say. lol


I was abit shocked with the voice for Furunyan (Hovernyan) ... abit deep compared to the original Japanese version done by Kaji Yuuki (Not a big fan on deep voices)!

I'm curious what they name *Spoiler alert* Nate's Grandpa...! At least it starts with Na... just like they did with the Japanese version. I had abit of google, the only other alternative name for Nathan is probably Nathaniel? lol *Spoiler Ends*

There are new Yokai too, with some being version exclusive! That said, I've decided to get Bony Spirits for Orochi! XD Sorry Kyuubi!

But more importantly, the game includes...


For a limited time only, the Badge Arcade also included Yokai badges this time round to help promote the release of the game 2! Although looking at it they are mostly game 1 fan favourites... I want my Fuyunyan...

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