[iPhone] Farm Prince Kimi to Hagukumu Yasai to Koi


Brought to you by Petitcatty! Apparently it's created by the runner up for the GFF Award of the second round Fukuoka Game Contest in 2008 - but not that I found out what the game was. lol

If you're into Harvest (Houchi) games or have no green fingers (like myself ) then this is probably the game for you!
So sad that Jin's face gets covered by the word press start, even though I believe he's the main character. lol

Murayama Kaori got tired working as an OL and one day she saw on the Television by chance of the farm life where they're surrounded by fresh air and nature. Not to mention how time goes slowly too! Kaori quit her job and moved to her Grandma where they run a farm at Shouyamamura. To learn about the farming process, she was told to work along side with 3 farm boys...!

Oshitani Jin
Akai Touma
Konno Masaru

I forgot to screen shot in first stage so it's tomato... but the main harvest should be carrot!

Move to the field and Swipe to harvest the vegetables.

Present the harvest (+2 points each vegetable) to them to increase the love relationship in order to progress with the story. Remember to use the watering can every 1 hour for +100 points.

Share on SNS to get into the Bonus stage for limited time replenishment. Ensure you clear the screen since they don't replenish until it's all cleared. orz

As usual, these apps have multi ending story with options to change your future, and to finish it off with a touching ending upon completing all stage! Not to mention event CGs!

* If you have pre-registered the app prior to 30/09/2016 you get original wallpaper bonus and in game item!
* Take advantage of the bonus stage of 10 seconds by sharing on Facebook / Twitter! Ensure you clear the screen by swiping in order, as the vegetables don't replenish until it's fully harvested / cleared. You can get up to a maximum of 160 harvest if done systematically. XD
* Use the watering can to add 100 Exp, which is replenish every 1 hour to maximum of 3! So at least play hourly. lol
* Remember to present the harvest in order to put the experience to use (to progress with the story)!

There is abit of play on words for the characters and the vegetables that they grow. lol I mean Touma's name is probably the most obvious one. XD All the characters changed their attitude towards the Kaori as the game progresses with her changed of clothing.

I have yet to go through all of the routes... but so far I do like how the game goes through time (morning and afternoon) and weather (Sunny and rain)... although it have absolutely no impact on the amount we harvest in game!

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