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Brought to you by USAYA Co. Ltd! Somewhat a play on word with Uta No Prince Sama - to be honest, I actually misread it at first to be Utapri since my eyes couldn't help but focus on the screen shots on the app introduction. lol But apart from Uma meaning obviously Horse, but I believe the UMA really means Unidentified Mysterious Animal!!! XD

Just released on last Friday, this app is like the new troll otoge which pretty much become the heated topic immediately...! (Also more motivation for me to post this one) Some what reminds me of Ikemen Ken from Yokai Watch! lol Only this is a horse...! Should be called Ike... Ike-UMA instead?

If this is too weird for you then play Farm Prince instead (See my post here). lol Funny how the games are farm focused recently... am I missing some sort of trend here...? XD

*Downloads without reading further*
It may look like an Alpaca but it's actually a horse. lol

Umako (name changeable) went to the country side after being troubled with not being able to meet any ikemen due to heavy load of work as a Career Woman at a big company. Upon going to the farm in the hope to met a prince (that rides a horse), appeared before her was Yuuma - a horse with a ikemen face (Also speaks human language)!? Is this a dream or nightmare? Thus starts a strange farm life...

Your one and only Yuuma!

Tsukkomi all the way...!

Tab on the carrot to feed Yuuma. As you feed Yuuma, you will reduce the working spirit which will in turn reduce the points collected. The points ranges between from low spirit of 5 pts to high 30 pts. The list of things to do doesn't limit to only feeding him carrots because that will be boring! Train him well and do all sorts of things!!

Talking involves mostly food. lol

Talk to Yuuma to recover the working spirit, where you get to choose a reply from 3 answers. Your answer will be scored between Bad -15%, Good +15% and Excellent +30%.

Clear the stage and progress with the (Strange) story!

* Focus on the face. Focus is the key!
* Don't let your working spirit due below 10% by talking to Yuuma to ensure maximum points are received!
* The Talk is replenished upon Stage clear (leveling up), otherwise every 30 minutes to a maximum of 3 Talks.
* Use Golden carrot (Fever) to get 30 pts taps for approximately 10 seconds!
* You could revisit the story by going into the album. To be honest I think that the album is nicely drawn too. lol
* Watch an ad to recover from the wrong answer!
* Watch an ad to recover 1 Talk and page with items replenished! Basically, just watch ads to accelerate. lol

This is probably the most common reaction to this game.

Please send him straight to the science lab. lol I think it's Umako's delusions (Being born in the year of Horse) having wanting to find a ikemen so badly. She is pretty cute, but probably have been looking at the wrong places. Umako still have some commonsense which is seen through her tsukkomi (Although they come after her compliments lol) and business minded with the introduction to new business products featuring Yuuma!

For some strange reasons as the story progresses, it reminds me of Chou Himo Riron (See my post here)! Probably just because of Yuuma's capability... but as a horse. I think Yuuma is pretty clever in keeping Umako as his new keeper... mostly through his host like skills during all the event CGs. XD It's abit sad to see how only his face is human and the rest is still a horse. lol

Let's hope there's a happy end to this where Yuuma turn human... or fully into a horse. lol Or maybe his original owner (Or is he the villager?!) is actually an Ikemen?! Find out what awaits at the end by playing it! XD

theme : Otome Game
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