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Under the same roof (due to some circumstances)

Brought to you by Global Gear K.K.! I thought the gameplay to be similar to the messaging system that they did previously for Suki ni Nattara Make (See my post here), but turns out I was wrong. lol

You have mainly 4 characters with up to 16 different personalities from 4 main types ranges from cool, pure, mysterious and faithful! Somewhat reminds me of Yuuto from Himo Otoko (lol I talk about this one so often that I think it's probably one of the best Houchi Otoge I've ever played, see my post here), except you have a different faces for some of those personalities now.
Pretty cute cover!

Nishino Haruka (Name Changeable) was placed in charged as the keeper of the apartment of her parents, when they went for around the world trip. Few months later, one of the biggest task as a keeper was to do all the necessary checks prior to a new tenant moving in. She went to the apartment to find that the tenant haven't moved out a month ago, but merely went on holiday. With a new tenant waiting to move into the apartment without any backup plans, to make up for her mistake, she invite him to stay with her under the same roof until he could find a new place...

Shiina Ayumu
Ichinose Kakeru
Tachibana Yuuki
Tsukishima Aoi

The game is split into chapters where 1-2 is determining the characteristic and mood of Kareshi. 3-5 determine the love relationship (ending).

Started off with Shiina since he's the first character. lol

Swipe to listen to his Hitorigoto whilst tap on Gokigen (Maximum of 5 levels) to maintaining his happy mood.

Tap on coffee time (You get 3 bags per character by default, replenish only via watching ad) to trigger Fever mode and maximise his Gokigen to Level 100! That said, you can only trigger this via coffee time.

I love it how they tell you which type you're going for with the answers. lol

Once you have maximise the love meter, you progress with the story where you will chat to the character. Your answers will change his feelings and are graded from bad (-6/7), good (+3/4) and great (+6/7).

Ending ranges from Bad End 1 (Chapter 3 requirement of 40%+ to progress), Bad End 2 (Chapter 4 requirement of 60%+ to progress), Bad End 3 (Chapter 5 requirement of 80%+ to progress) and Happy ending with a requirement of 80%+!

* You're most likely to come across bad end 3 first... take note of the answers and points it gives. Bad End 1 is the hardest to achieve as you start off with 40% at the beginning of Chapter 3.
* After reaching an ending, coffee beans could be used to re-commence from certain chapters. 3 bags for Chapter 3 (since it's the oldest), 2 bags for Chapter 4 and 1 bag for Chapter 5. Otherwise go back to the title and press start again (This clears the save data too. orz).
* Take note of what increases / decreases the love meter!
* Watch the ad to get more Coffee beans every 18 minutes! You'll need it to quicken the process!
* Draw circles continuously around the character when Coffee time (Fever) is triggered!
* Try to maintain level 4-5 of Gokigen to ensure there is enough Hitorigoto to collect.
* Try to keep all the coffee bean until last! Since the early chapters require less Hitorigoto to the next question, otherwise your coffee time is wasted.
I like it how they do a picture representation of the types (Evolutions lol) in the album. Makes it so much easier to know which route you're going into (though I probably prefer to have an On and Off function since some of us do like a challenge or surprise sometimes... particularly when it comes to Yandere. lol ) and also the types of Hitorigoto they say. Honestly, I don't read them whilst clattered in the coffee time.

The only thing I thought wasn't overly exciting are the character design. XP They are quite cute but relatively simple... the characteristics of the character type isn't portrayed strong enough. The other downside is the coffee beans! Why are they not replenished every day... orz

Looks like it'll take me abit of time before finding out which character will be my favourite. Although saying that, I do look forward to the Tsundere character...!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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