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Having finished Uma no Prince Sama (See my post here) did I remember there was this other troll otoge...!

Brought to you by Hipopo! Probably not the best idea, but indeed it attracted quite a fair bit of attention from the media due to the use of Aka. Aka isn't the nicest thing you would want to relate to any ikemen really. haha Since it's filthy... and in this game, it's goes with the meaning as dirt or grime.

If that still haven't made you sick (Since they did moe-fy the Aka to look like a Ditto from Pokemon! It's in the trend at the moment with their plushies releases but I'll go back on track), then read on!
Amaranth - vocalist Yuuto in the front, Law (Left) and Kai (Right) at the back.

Yoshiko (Name changeable) is a regrettable old Office Lady in hear early 30s and is a big fan of Metal Band Amaranth. Whilst taking a shower, suddenly the drain in the bathroom started talking to her. Sadden by Yoshiko's situation, the drain - Haisuikou - decided to give her a present, which is to grow her own mysterious creature from her grime - Akatarou into the way you want it to be...

Scary thought to have food in the shower... @.@

Look after Akatarou by feeding (Swipe) it food and petting (Tap/Swipe) it to earn Aka Point (AP) which you could use in Shop to get more variety of food / increase number of food / more intensive exercise.

When Akatarou breaks apart, tap (swipe) to put Akatarou back together. Tap onto the golden dropping to see if Akatarou found one of your missing items or just get bonus APs!

Level up and evolve Akatarou to progress with the story which helps finding your missing items in the your room...!

There are 6 different endings, where there are event CGs for the Happy Endings!

* Use AP to increase more variety of food (Which increases the weight) / increase number of food (Which increase the speed of replenishment) / more intensive exercise (Hourly boost of healthy weight plus AP)!
* Tap on the Gold drain to trigger fever. This normally happens at least once every time you have leveled up.
* Swipe to pet! Despite the mission card says "Tap", but turns out you could swipe it! Trust me, it's alot quicker to achieve to 5000 tap!
* Tweet at least once!
* Spot Akatarou in the Shop, tap to watch an ad to get more AP!

I get a feeling the Haisuikou is pretty much complaining to the heroine that she doesn't clean up enough. haha Maybe it's created by the subconscious side of heroine... I'm not sure if it was relevant, but Yoshiko's name could mean good child. XD So Haisuikou is pretty much like a Ojiisan or a dad to Yoshiko, and training her properly.

It was relatively cute seeing how Yoshiko pets Akatarou... but the fact that the word Aka is still on my mind it was relatively disturbing. lol Hard to imagine something bad turning into something ikemen. I played mostly because of the band characters illust by Iwaoka. lol

What will become of Akatarou...? What will his final form be? It's up to you to decide! XD

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