[LR] First round! SydAni Cafe

Japanese themed pop up cafe!

It was relatively short notice, but I did managed to get Bambi to go with me to the first SydAni Cafe which was held on 16th October 2016, the Sunday that just passed.

Below the cut are just some photos (Since they did allow photos!) and thoughts on my experience during the session!
Bookings were made in advance to secure seats (And food!) and we went for the afternoon session after lunch. The venue was located at the end of Chinatown at Dixon shopping center level 5. We were counting the floors whilst heading towards the building. We went on the lift so that we get to the correct floor but interestingly they didn't have a level 4 and the ground level was already level 3. lol


Whilst loitering outside trying to take a picture of the shop front prior to going in, we were greeted by Tsubasa Rin where they check for your booking name and we got given a badge with a number written on the back of it. We were placed next to the entrance to be seated to a table.

We went with low expectation due to the venue, so it was better than what we imagined (without much information about the event but relying mostly on the pictures of food). So we were relatively surprised that there were waitress/helpers dressed in Yukata serving the tables. On top of that, there was a bell that you could ring for calling them over.

Thankfully the venue was well air-conned as it was said, the top temperature was 30 degrees. I would say they have full utilised the room there (with covering the existing shelves that was there in that room)!

Next to the entrance was the Yukata try on (With professional assistance from Akira who help dress you in them) and photo area with beautiful kimono was hang up as backdrops. As Yukata was relatively easy to slip on, there was no need for change room. There are some props - fans and oil paper umbrellas to pose for photos whilst in Yukata. Not being socially active online, I forgot there was a hashtag for a free print of one photo per table. orz

Pretty cute set up, just look at all the colours...!

Outside was the Yoyo tsuri where we were given a string of tissue paper tighten to a hook of some sort to try to fish for a take away gift! I managed to get it in my first go after taking advise from an expert (And having a go at the easiest one identified). lol Bambi felt pressured and couldn't get it in the first go. I passed him my string and did a second round and then got it. They were kind enough to let us exchange for another different colour.

Back at the table, we were offered a Kendama to play. But it's definitely not a group activity and plus it requires skills so we gave up. XD By the time all the seats were filled there was approximately 20 customers including ourselves in the room.

The long waited desserts!

The waitress were very attentive, and we had a lot of green tea refills which helps with the dessert. XD At the end of it we were pretty satisfied and full with the 4 desserts without having to order extras. Bambi did thought about an extra serving of cheese cake though since it was THAT good (It was more than what we expected in terms of flavour and on plate)!

Before I talk about the desserts, I think I ought to explain my taste buds. lol Since I have a taste for extremely sweet stuffs and extremely sensitive to bitter and spicy flavour (My food buddies would know me well), below comments should be adjusted to normal tastes.

Order of favourites:
* Cheese cake - I was surprised at how rich the cheese cake taste it have compared to alot of Asian bakery shops. Thank you to Bambi for wanting to try it! It wasn't my first choices as there are better presentation desserts to choose from. :P Further, the portion was bigger (Taller) than what was shown on their facebook page.
* Swiss Roll cake- I've actually tried it before in smaller portion. As explain by Patissier Lilly, previously it had abit less mattcha taste. I guess it's just my sensitiveness to bitter taste. Regardless, it still taste great!
* Green tea Strawberry Daifuku - There was abit too much mattcha powder on the top which made it abit bitter for my liking. But the strawberries inside was enough to neutralise the flavour.
* Odango - The Anko topping was abit runny than paste texture. I took abit of time to eat the Dango because by then I was full (Mostly because of enjoying too much of the hot green tea).

Overall I would say I enjoyed all the desserts... except it wasn't sweet enough for me! XD

There were two dance performance throughout the session right at the open space at the entrance. First dance performance was performed in a trio group lead by Akira, which involves a hand fan with Senbonzakura as BGM. The second dance performance was performed solo with performer dressed in Wa-Loli with Gokuraki Jodo as BGM. There was a slight hiccup with the first performance music, but I enjoyed the first dance performance more since I really like the use of the hand fan. XD

We filled out a survey and was given a little bunny cookie with our nickname initial on it!

After the performances they thanked all for coming and announced that there will be a second round of the pop up cafe. They also did a little draw prize which they draw number out from a bag and the number was written on the badge as you enter. The first prize includes a free entry including food for their next session of Cafe! I was lucky enough to get the second prize. :D

The glorious cup that gives you headache if you stare at it more than 3 seconds. lol

Bambi and I had some conversation about the name SydAni Cafe with the lack of Anime / Animation (due to licensing issues)... and what name we would call it instead. But it was hard to choose a unique and fitting one! Thinking about it for some days now, I think it should be read as Syd Any (themed) cafe - subject to theme rotations, probably closer to those "Event Only" type of Cafe?

I did thought about uploading a group picture but decided to skip it. lol Maybe next time when I'm cosplaying instead. I look forward to more different themes and desserts/food to come!

For those who missed out this time round, have no fear! As there will be a round 2 of the SydAni Cafe on 20th November 2016! However the theme will be Maid Cafe which might be more worthwhile for those who normally missed out during Convention times! Highly recommended in going in small groups!

Follow their facebook for more updates on future pop ups!


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