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Brought to you by Donuts Co. Ltd. Their first Otome game themed featuring Hakoniwa (Boxed Garden) style gameplay! Pretty much like the Sims (Resort) x Otome game. lol Although the one great thing about this is you could relocate buildings and bought item anytime!

On top of it, the main stories are fully voiced too! Probably explain why I played it - for Sakurai. lol Although I have taken more interested in the character Saito voiced... partly because Sakurai's character isn't really to my taste. =w= All characters are designed by Fuyuno Yuuki!
Main routes!

Heroine was a normal OL but was nominated as the general manager of a certain Southern country Resort island hotel. On her arrival she was greeted by 4 talented male staffs who will assist her in the front / Concierge, chef, backyard and banquet. Build the ideal resort...!

Ooyama Masaki (CV: Takeuchi Ryouta)
Hugo (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
Kawasaki Rai (CV: Furukawa Makoto)
Okano Midori (Saito Soma)


Sub Characters (Only those that are voiced also)
Satomi Hidetaka (CV: Fuji Shinshu)
Asheley (CV: Ishikawa Hideo)
Said (CV: Nojima Hirofumi)
Leon (CV: Fukuda Kenji)
Jail (CV: Kato Kazuki)
Theodore (CV: Komatsu Fuminori)
Minezawa Ryou (CV: Hatano Wataru)
Haru (CV: Takahashi Hiroki)
Samuel (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)
Miura Taichirou (CV: Iwata Tsubasa)

My Otome Island. lol

Basic gameplay is managing the resort via getting ingredient, creating products, building new facilities and expanding the resort!

Quick! Feed Give him some egg and milk!

The main scenarios consist of 8 chapters. Individual character story could only be trigger via fulfilling the staff's wishes by giving them the items that they want. They also have side stories (Although they're not fully voiced) as with the celebrities side characters!

Read the side story to see the change in relationship. You will note that all the staffs are male and they seem to have interest in the heroine.

* Use one off handy items to remove rocks and expand the storage all out! You will note it's hard to earn gem - try to save them up as much as possible. Personally I would use them to fly customers in and increase storage or increase export boxes.
* Increase the chances of obtaining the reward
* Make as much items as possible! You could export them to earn extra money or fulfilling staffs / customers requests!
* Upon fulfilling customer requests, it is defaulted to 25% that you could obtain the item in the bigger icon. To change the plan, you could pay coins (Ranges 200-220+) to increase the chance to 55% or pay with flower gem to increase the chance to 100%. I would recommend going for 55% only if the item you are getting outweigh the spending, otherwise it's not worthwhile to do so.
* Level up to expand the product range and accelerate with the stories!
* Plant fruit trees! They're great for earning extra cash since they replenish more frequently than products! On top of that, you don't get alot of request for them. Downside is that they do dry up (Once it's done it's worth of fruits) and you will need to remove the trees going forward. I suggest moving them to the corner of the map/island. lol
* Export anything you don't need to earn extra coins! Up to maximum of 10 of the same item in a box!

Funny how there's no real time constrain... despite materials and products have wait time, they don't have expiry dates! I have had food waiting for me to collect over 24 hours (Talk about fresh fruits lol). It's 24/7 no sleep and timeless resort! You even have the time to not progress with story and read it at a later time (They will appear as speech bubble of the specific character if you choose to do so).

Downside is probably the lack of ranking system with others (It's indeed a private island lol). From time to time I would want to see how others' island will turn out! I mean, why else would I want to connect the game to the internet for (Apart form downloading the full voiced sentences)!?

You can see the character profile and parameters in the character section! All that stats makes it look like a versus game! lol Whilst Rai seems to be the official route (since he's on the app icon after all), you do get CGs around chapter 5 in the main story (Up to a maximum of 9 CGs per main characters), where I learn what the heorine looks like in Masaki's route (In the first CG too)! I accelerated relatively quickly with Hugo (Probably my bias for Sakurai, but I don't particularly like the playboy type). But the main character that I wanted to progress with is actually Midori (I find myself to like more and more of Saito's voiced characters!). Somehow the CGs seems to be alot more further away than getting more voices. orz

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