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My play history on Pokemon Sun Moon Demo

Released on the 19th October 2016! The demo allows you to choose various languages. As much as I wanted to choose Japanese but since I know I will be buying the English version of the game, I think I'm better off choosing English without wasting time (since it wanes you that you can't change the language once it's set). orz

With the actual game due to release on the 18th November 2016, I think EB games have really stopped promoting Yokai Watch as much even though the game 2 was released just the weekend that just pasted. On top of it, upon completion of the Pokemon Sun Moon demo, you will be able to bring Ash-Greninja to full version of the game! I was abit disappointed that Yokai Watch 2 didn't even get any...

Read on for my play history.
The cover only appears trial finished.

Player is defaulted to use Sun (boy) who moved from the Kanto region to Aloha region. You received a welcome letter in the mail box and learn that you have a Greninja. You probably forgot who you got the Greninja from but I bet it's either your father or someone legendary. lol

Mum !?

At the Hau'oli City Town Hall, I was relatively surprised to learn that the lady next to the player was actually the player's mother! I suppose the main characters will eventually change their skin colour... Unless they have extra strong sunscreen protection to remain ultra fair! There you meet Hau who agreed to take you around (somehow I think he owns the city... Hau-oli city...?).

Those shocked faces of the characters are funny. lol I was relatively disappointed the battle with Team Skull was one on one. Though saying that it didn't take long to wipe out Team Skull. I was wondering why Hau didn't participate in a two on two battle, lol turns out he needed to go to Pokemon center to heal his Pokemon.

Is it just me or people are super generous in this game. lol I get Greninja as starter and I get super potion from Hau (whatever happened to the days when all we needed was just normal potions?).

Check out Nurse Joy's funky hair style as usual!

Outside the Pokemon centre, Hau helped you scouted for a trainer/mentor - meet Professor Kukui, who specialise in Pokemon moves! Wait... People just like to push you to the next person like a ball. No body actually want to take care of Sun. lol The people choices seems to get worst every time you're passed to the next. I mean, if you asked around, you will learn that in order to get to Ten Carat Hill, "you will have to ask some weird old guy".

There are some high grass that's fenced off (it's safe and not so safe at the same time haha) for battling wild Pokemon next to and opposite the police station for training your Pokemon too. Town hall as well. But since you couldn't buy any pokeballs I would suggest to not waste time there. But the casual encounter Pokemon includes Yungoos, Pikachu, Pipipek and Rockruff (looks like something out from Little Pet Shop series).

At Ten Carat Hill I won my first battle with youngest Honus earned me $560 pocket money. lol But not that any shops opens for me to spend them. orz

Pokemon Snap Finder!

The trial requires you to photograph four Pokemon Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o (why are there so many hyphens in this game orz), two of each with the Poke Snap Finder! *Sob* After the first get, it turns out the poke finder allows you to take pic of the Pokemon, but after a perfect picture, you pretty much kill them off in the forced battle. @.@ Turns out they're dragon types too, no wonder dragons are extinct. orz

The battle with the Totem Hakamo-o version gave me abit of a shock. Although they're still the same Pokemon, they're more like Pokemon on their limited break or super seiyan version. But summons a Rockruff though. Lol

Pokemon Watch Ring!

And after all that dragon slaying... for a Z ring, Z crystal and Electrium Z (Why can't they have a starter pack and just give them all to me at once lol)!?

Hau seems to attract Team Skull - so stay away from Hau. lol During the battle, they give you the option to try the Z ring but really they want you to use Z ring since they make Pikachu appear first. And lol what best move...? The summoning move that looks ritual? I mean Pikachu belongs to Kakali...

Autosave for round 2 gameplay.

Tauros riding! If you enter a pokemon battle whilst riding it, your trainer outfit will remain as the riding outfit!

You'll be given a rider pager in which you could do Tauros riding, and use it as a way to break the boulders on the Ten Carat hill. Battle 2 trainers and speak to the girl closest to the entrance for a battle, upon defeat she will give you a star piece which could be transfer to the full version of the game.

You will note that Ash-Geninja is really Geninja, except upon defeating one pokemon in the battle, it will deepen the bond between it and the player and then transform into Ash-Geninja.

There's also a Pokemon catching challenge but it doesn't add anymore value for the transfer to the full version of the game. Further, if you close the game and open the third time after, you will note that you no longer able to level up. So if you want to level up your Geninja, make sure you do it prior to battling the girl closest to the Ten Carat Hill entrance.

The girl who counts down the days...

There is also one little thing to log back in to check with days counting down... if you speak to the girl waiting for the ferry, she will ask you to see her off in x number of days. When I played it, I counted as the 15th November 2016? And that isn't really the release date of the game, so I am abit curious haha. But more importantly... whatever happened to the malasadas treat...?

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