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Player could experience phone call simulation from the character from Eternity Book's Kurohyou Chuuihou - Shinmai OL Tanpopo no Junan!? story by Kyou Miyako and illustrated by Yuwa Anzu!

Read on for non live time phone chat (Obviously annoyed with the Real Time phone chat function in Mystic Messenger lol)!

SP and Personal assistance to company president.

Takewaka Kazuma (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)


Wait on the home page for him to call. Tap on pick up to hear him talk. To answer the questions asked by the character, shake the phone up and down for Yes or left and right for No. Your answer and time clock will impact the content of the conversation.

You could check the obtained conversation in the contact list after clicking onto the character (Subject to clearing the messages).

NOTE: The phone calls relies on points which could be earn via daily login present or paying actual money.

* Get login points to pick up more phone calls! Get first login 60 login points!
* 100 login points bonus! Enter invitation Code: 4268742689
* Share your own invitation Code to get 300 login points! There are no limit!

To be honest I was relatively disappointed. It was not like telephone conversation, particularly during his character introduction where he tells you everything about himself including his height etc. The other thing was in order to reply you actually need to shake the phone... I wouldn't do that in real life. lol Guess I can't complain much with free voices (They were long too lol).

Regardless, it seems popular among Nobu's fans.

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